Banishing The Doubt

banishing-the-doubtWhen setting out on the path of six sensory living many people have doubts about the intuitive messages they receive. Doubt occurs when you are just about to take the leap into intuitive living and your doubting voice says “what if you’re wrong, what if you get embarrassed or what if you make a mistake.”

When my clients start experiencing doubt I tell them to celebrate because it’s a sign of their progress. It’s a sign that they are actually beginning to shift their perception of who they are away from their ego and they are beginning to reconnect to their true self. Their spiritual essence and the ego is making one final attempt to hold on.

Doubt starts small. It’s like a whisper, a thorn in your side or a pebble in your shoe. When you have doubt the best thing to do is to move past it as quickly as you can.

There is no “free lunch” in life. So many times we want the Universe to guarantee us a certain result in our life before we commit and make our own investment. I use the analogy of dance often when I teach because it’s a partnership. As you move forward and follow your dreams and instincts the Universe will move towards you but it’s not going to come in a limousine, pick you up and take you to your destination. You have to at some point let go of power and control and follow your heart.

If you learn to let go in small ways when it doesn’t matter, for example asking simple things like “should I go left or right, should I go up or down, should I buy the red dress or the green dress, should I go north or south.” Doing this lays the foundation for trusting your intuition so when it does come time to trust your intuition on larger issues such as happiness you have practice. You have some experience in following the voice of your spirit. You have some victories behind you it will give you the confidence to take the leap of faith.

When you have doubt you have actually come a long way and this is the time I tell my clients and students to take the ball and run. The leap forward, knowing that this is how you allow the Universe to support you. If you play it safe you can’t play at all.

When you ask the Universe for guidance it will guide you but it won’t eliminate your work. At some point you have to make decisions. The Universe can guide you but if you choose not to listen then you have must live with consequences of your own decisions.

Your spirit is trying to constantly guide you. Are you going to listen and take a leap of faith and trust the guiding wisdom that is coming to you or are you going to let your ego that is fearful, negative and controlling make your decisions. It’s up to you.

Daily meditation is a key to banishing the doubt. Set aside fifteen to twenty minutes every day for quiet mediation and listen to the guiding wisdom of spirit.

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