Are You Afraid Of Having Loving And Fulfilling Relationships?

Are You Afraid Of Having Loving And Fulfilling Relationships? One of the most important questions most people fail to ask when it comes to relationships is, “Am I afraid of love?” Are you afraid of being filled with positive, loving energy running through your body? Are you afraid of happiness?

The answer for your ego is absolutely “Yes.” Your ego will tell you things like, “I don’t want to have love and peace, because then what am I going to do?” My job is to create drama”

One of the most important lessons we fail to learn during our time here on earth is healing our personality. When we heal our personality, we start integrating ourselves back into the full flow of spirit. So, it’s important to measure just, how afraid of love are you?

First, take a look at your own relationship.  Are you in relationship where there are no other relationships surrounding you? This might be a clue that you are afraid of love. Another sign could be if you are in relationships where there is a lot of drama. There is always going to be drama because that’s how humans relate, but when it’s mostly drama that is very strong indication that you are afraid of love.

How much drama surrounds you? This is an important signal that you are afraid of love. Are you in Serial Relationships where you start and stop? How often do your relationships start and stop? This doesn’t just apply to a husband- wife or boyfriend-girlfriend relationships it also applies to friends

It could even be with jobs. Are you a stop/starter? This is another clue that you might be afraid of love. Are you lonely or depressed? Do you feel under valued? This is another indication that you could be afraid of love.

These familiar states that I have just named here and laid out for you are situations where the human ego wants us to stay. isolated, agitated, and lonely. The ego wants to keep us away from our spirit It wants to keep us away from our authentic self, away, from our divine and peaceful nature.

One of the main reasons why we stay away from love. Is that the ego doesn’t want to lose control and power. So, you have to have to train your Ego, and convince it that what it says to you isn’t true. Be prepared, because the ego will give you all kinds of reasons why what it says is true.

Here are some of the reasons why the ego and intellect reject love: First, the ego fears losing its purpose, being alienated. This is what it really fears the most. You have to give it a new purpose of serving your spirit; to serve love.

It’s important to start identifying with your spirit and realize “that’s just my ego that’s afraid of love” My spirit is in love” “My spirit is love and it’s in love” Whereas your ego is like a scared animal or pet and you just need to calm it down.

One of the things we fear, and I know has been a challenge for me is, I like freedom. I’m afraid and have been afraid at times in my life that love, and relationships are going to take that away.

For most people there is a false belief that somehow being in love really means being in service to someone and not being free to be who I am. This is a big fear! “If I let love in I won’t be fee to be me. If I let love in, will I still have my freedom?”  This is a big reason why so many people are afraid of love, they would rather suffer and be unhappy than not be free to be themselves.

Another big fear for many people is; “If I let love in, he or she might reject me, so I will reject them first. I will not be available because I don’t want to be rejected Or, maybe I get rejected over and over again because I don’t want to be available, but I would rather not be available than get hurt.”

So, how do we get beyond the fear of love? We start by relating to our spirit and adjusting down our need for drama. We start elevating our love, affection and creativity. We lower down our need for drama, knowing that’s just our personality, our manufactured self. We then elevate our creativity.

By elevating our creativity; we connect with our spirit and then we are in our creativity For example, “I love my creativity and my creativity today is how I dress up; or my creativity today is how I arrange my flowers or my creativity is how I sing my song or how I walk to work or how I do my job. Whatever my creativity is today I’m going to do it with love.

We have to train our personality to allow for more peace through our creativity. Lower the amount of drama every day and amplify that peaceful creativity every day. We have to shift and adjust ourselves to get comfortable in a new vibration. We then have to get comfortable in this healing vibration.

Start with baby steps, just shifting. Develop the habit of saying to yourself, anytime you are in drama, “that’s just my fearful personality afraid of love.” Love your personality just don’t let it drag you away or hold you back from your intention of being comfortable with love and peace. Have an antidote. Do something creative.

It could be something simple, like “I’m going to go make the bed and create a better atmosphere here; or I’m going to set the table and create a more beautiful setting. or I’m going to go to the store and buy some flowers and create a beautiful work of art”

This is all it takes. One small step at a time to train your ego and open up to love.

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