Why Asking For Help Allows You To Feel Empowered

Why asking for help makes you feel empoweredPeople who have a lot of energy, vitality, joy, and creativity are people who know when to ask for help. They live huge possibilities, have great adventures, and make big contributions to the world. They are people who feel empowered and love large. Love is the key.

Most people don’t like to ask for help because as soon as they do, their ego kicks in Our ego makes us feel like there is something wrong with us, we are limited or we are a failure because we asked for help. When our ego gets involved it makes us feel like we are weak and vulnerable.  These are things none of us wan to feel.

Our spirit, on the other hand,  loves to ask for help because it invites collaboration, co-creativity; and give and take of energy. Asking for help invites new ideas and new ways of doing and see things. It’s exciting, adventurous, and uplifting.

I want you to think about your life right now, how comfortable do you feel in asking for help?

I know that at various times in my life I was very proud that I didn’t need much help. I would go to great lengths to prove to myself to others and say, “I’ve got this, I’m good.”

I have realized in those times I was not self- loving, I pushed myself too far. I hurt myself, got stuck, and then I got resentful. I thought I was empowered but, I wasn’t. I’m sure if you reflect on the times in your life when you had the mindset of “I don’t need any help” It’s not a happy mindset.

Think of help as the opportunity to learn, to grow, and be supported. It is also an invitation to allow other people to showcase their best and their beautiful spirit and express it. by helping you. It’s a good thing for everyone. It makes everyone involved feel empowered.

In order to ask for help, you first have to get comfortable in knowing that help is a positive thing. Ask yourself, where, in your life are you struggling? Is it physical?  Maybe you want to ask for a coach or a yoga teacher? Is it pain? Do you need to get a doctor or a chiropractor or an energy healer or some support there? Do you need help because you are stuck in your routine and need some sort of coaching?

I know one of the reasons I am so successful in my intuitive life is because I have had great teachers who have guided me, given me direction, and showed me how to do things I didn’t know how to do.

If you need a teacher or a coach, it’s a good thing. When you ask for help you are receiving support. You are allowing yourself to be at the receiving end of someone else’s expertise to make your life easier. You are empowering yourself.

Let me point out that what I have seen and what I have been guilty of is sometimes I’ve asked for help and asked the wrong person. What a nightmare those times have been. For example, there have been times when I’ve asked for help from my office and managing my professional practice. There have been a few times when I found out that these people wanted to be around me but, they didn’t necessarily have the skills to do what I needed to be done.

These are times when I suffered and ended up having to pay someone who wasn’t helping me at all. Then I got mad and then came the drama. We’ve all been there.

So, take a moment and seriously look at and ask yourself,  “where am I asking for help now, and am I asking the right person, someone who can really help me?” “Am I asking someone who loves to help in that way?” If you’re not going to receive the right help you need you are just going to resent it.

This a big first step. “Who am I asking?” For example, don’t ask a friend to coach you if actually need a therapist. If you need a professional to do a job for you, don’t ask a novice with no experience. If you need someone to build an addition to your house, make sure they have the skills to do it.

We are all in this together. In every part of our life we need help from one another it is wisdom on your part to ask for help. You will be empowered when you as will the person who is helping you.

One of the greatest teachers who ever lived was Jesus Christ. He had 12 helpers. He had 12 apostles and I use that as my role model.

I have a helper with my physical energy; I have a therapist I go to because I need an objective sounding board and I have positive friends who surround me with good mojo because they help me keep my flame burning brighter. I surround myself with people who are creative. People who are doing what they love, who are taking risks; who are loving life; who are enjoying the experience of being alive.

Surrounding yourself with the right people does more than make you feel empowered, it a major piece of your success in life.  The people we are around and spend our time with.

Help yourself by choosing people who have good mojo. Asking for help from people who have the real skills that you need. Stay away from people who judge you and make things complicated.

The teachers who helped me throughout my life always told me, that the minute you struggle, stop, and ask for help from someone who can help you. You will be empowered when you do.


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