Being Open To Receive Spiritual Guidance

being-open-to-spiritual-guidanceMost of us have immediate expectations. We want instant gratification.  In order to receive spiritual guidance we need to be patient and cultivate our connections with spirit guides with some consistency. It takes about six months of practice to be to reach the higher, faster, more subtle frequencies where you can connect with your guides.

You must have intention because that is how the spirit guides connect. If your intention isn’t clear you’re not going to attract much interest from your guides to help you. You need to be clear as to how and in what way you want support. The guides cannot override your free will.

The guides will respond to inquiry but they won’t interfere. When you are not clear about what you want you’ll often receive guidance you didn’t ask for. When this happens it is often your intellect interfering so ignore it. On the other hand when you are clear about what you need guidance with you’ll get good guidance and wonderful results.

You really need ask yourself if you are being honest enough to receive spiritual guidance. This is where so many people have trouble. We don’t like to admit where we truly need guidance. Instead, we allow our ego to take over and protect us with fear and lies. We are not comfortable saying “I am vulnerable here and confused.”

Even when we are honest enough to admit we need help we will often get guidance and ignore it because it’s not what we want to hear.

How guidable are you? How receptive are you to seeing or being shown something truly out of your comfort zone. When you hear something new can you actually hear it? When you are shown something different do you even register it?

This is why I recommend to all my clients to carry a journal with them. When something new is presented to you, write it down. Then you’ll be able to know if you even considered it or you ignored it.

Often one of the ways guides come to us is through other people. Often with simple conversation which is why every moment is a potentially a significant moment. Every interaction, every symbol could be important. For example, you might be at a restaurant and hear two people having a conversation that pertains to you. They might have been two Angels having a conversation that was orchestrated for you to hear.

The more rigid we are about how guidance should come in the more positive opportunity we will eliminate.

The most important tool to remember about receiving spiritual guidance is intention; what are you seeking guidance on? Then pay attention to how it comes back to you. Pay attention to how the messages are sent because spirit guides will use every means possible. They are constantly sending us messages and it’s up to us to expand our awareness and be more present so we see the guidance.

So many of us miss good guidance because we get stuck in our intellect; be open to guidance. It may not make sense in the moment but remember energy is constantly in motion so it might have great significance in the future.

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