Coming From Peace

coming-from-peaceThink about the life of your dreams. What is it that you really want? The Universe wants you to have everything you desire but you have to do your part. There is a Universal Principle that says we have to be coming from whatever we want to experience.

For example, if you want prosperity in the outer world you have to have a prosperity consciousness. If you want a love relationship as so many do you have to be coming from love; you can’t be coming from hatred, bitterness and misery and expect to create love in your life. It is not possible. If you want peace in your life, peace in your outer circumstances, then you need to have peace on the inside.

Do you realize that you are chained to anyone you hate or resent you are bound to them by chords that are stronger than steel. As a matter of fact, anyone you hate runs your life because that emotion and energy is in control of your life at the deepest part of your consciousness.

Many times when I am preparing to give a workshop on forgiveness I will get a chain that has 2 inch thick links and is 2 to 3 feet in length. I will use the chain during the workshop as an example by holding it up and telling the audience that if we don’t forgive we are unconsciously chained to the people we resent. We are stuck in the past, we miss the present and we can’t move forward.

Not forgiving hurts us. Most of the time it doesn’t hurt anyone else, it just hurts us. I have a client who at one time in his life was so angry that he wanted to do physical harm against someone who had hurt him in a business deal and a I shared with him the Chinese Proverb that says, the one who pursues revenge should dig two graves. It’s too expensive to pursue revenge and be angry.

Instead, let’s concentrate on reclaiming our personal power and opening up to a wonderful new life by letting go of all the old anger, pain and misery that no longer serve us. The past is gone. It’s never going to come back. Forgiveness does not change the past but it does enlarge the future.

Any time we are resenting and blaming it is not for a future event it is for something that happened in the past and anytime we are blaming or resenting we are living in the past. We are living in a disempowered state and missing all the joy, love and opportunity that life affords all of us.

Start the process today of making peace with your past. The price you pay for not making peace with your past often manifests itself as major illness in the future such as cancer, heart and kidney problems along with all other types of diseases. It causes poverty and relationship problems. The price is very high if we are not coming from a place of peace.

The English real estate entrepreneur, philosopher and the founder of the Province of Pennsylvania William Penn, once said, “Every stroke our furry strikes is sure to hit ourselves at last.” Any angry or bitter vibrations we send out stay right inside of our body until we are at peace.

Consciousness is what creates the world we live in and we cannot have any experience that is apart from it. Consciousness is simply what you think and what you feel in the present moment. If we are carrying around all of this negative baggage from the past it completely short circuits our power and potential. This is why it is so important to clean up our past.

In order to clean up our past we must change our perception of it because there was the event and there is the way we have chosen to perceive it. This is an important point to understand, it is not the even that determines the quality of our lives rather it is our perception of the event. The quality of our life is 100% inside.

When you make peace your intention in life and heal the past you really explode your potential and open up wonderful new opportunities. You will be more alive, happier and loving. When you are coming from peace life is wonderful because it feels wonderful. Your feelings are your life. There is no quality of life apart from what you are thinking and feeling in the moment.

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