Evolution To Wholeness

evolution-to-wholenessWe reincarnate many lifetimes for the purpose of becoming whole and no one really knows how long it takes for the our soul to reconnect with source to become whole. There are however things that we can do during our human experience to become enlightened and help the process.

The first is to practice gratitude. Learn to be grateful for everyone who touches your life in the slightest way and for everything that happens to you. Remembering to give thanks for what makes you happy is a very pleasant exercise.  Learn to appreciate the things you don’t like. Being grateful for adversity and for the people who have had a hand in bringing that adversity is not easy; it may seem impossible to be grateful for negative circumstances unless you look beyond the immediate situation and see the bigger picture.

This is why the practice of gratitude is so powerful. You cannot do it without expanding your consciousness. If you can actually see how the person you dislike is also your benefactor you are having an insight into the evolution of becoming whole.

You also have to respect the freedom of others and refrain from trying to impose your will on another person. As you deepen your reverence for others you recognize that they too have a purpose and you become increasingly sensitive to the harm that comes from interfering with their free will.

If you believe that it’s alright to impose your own will on another you are totally in ego and disconnected from your spirit. You believe that you have a higher purpose than they have. You’re not seeing the other person’s spirit when you are making this judgment and your thoughts are carrying you in the opposite direction of becoming whole.

Evolution not domination is the way of the Universe. Imagine you’re a river which must first fill all the holes in the river bed before flowing onward. If you attempt to speed up the process by applying force for example by pushing the river in the direction you want it to go, then you have forgotten that the result is already here in cosmic time. It will manifest in linear time. It will manifest in linear time at the exact moment the world is ready and not a moment sooner.

Mahatma Gandhi who led India to independence and inspired movements for civil rights and freedom across the world was able to refrain from using force because he could see that in cosmic time his battle was already won. He was able to witness the spirits of his adversaries and see that their sprits already knew the truth. He could also see how like a river the truth could not move forward until it had filled all empty spaces of their conscious minds.

The alignment of body, mind and spirit is the first unity the first indication of enlightenment, your mind, your consciousness is the link between the energy of your spirit and the actions and experience of your body within the space-time continuum. When you are aligned energy flows unimpeded in both directions.

We often look at ourselves as three separate compartments. To the extent that you acknowledge your sprit at all you may feel that the time you reserve for meditation, prayer or reflection to be the spiritual part of your life. It has little to do with work or any other part of your life but as you come into alignment the energies and insights originating from your spirit begin to inform you about all sorts of other matters that you have never considered spiritual.

To your spirit all of your practical activities are there to express and fulfill the purpose for which you were born. Your spirit wants to contribute absolute knowledge to all your endeavors and at the same time deepen your soul’s wisdom by helping it learn from the experiences that you are having on earth.

As you become better aligned constant communication with your spirit becomes natural. The energy of your sprit is available to you all the time filling all of your activities with new meaning and purpose. All of the knowledge coming from your spirit is relevant to your daily affairs and everything you do and experience every day is relevant to your spirit. There is no difference between your practical life and your spiritual life they are one in the same. Your practical life is your spiritual life.

You are a spiritual being living a human life. Not a human being having a spiritual experience. When you understand this you have achieved unity of self. You are in the process of becoming whole. You are in sync with your life. Empowered knowing that you can do everything and be anything you want. Your mind is at one with your purpose and you discover that body, mind and spirit are not separate. This is your evolution to wholeness.

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