Feeling A Sense Of Self-Worth

feeling-a-sense-of-self worthClients often ask me what is going wrong in their life, what is it in the world that is making them feel so bad? They are looking for me to tell them something that will make them feel better. What I usually see is, mostly what is going wrong is not their outside world but rather it is their own spirit that is just a little off thereby preventing them from experiencing the beautiful world around them.

I often notice that most people have the belief that being spiritual is a heroic act. Being spiritual is about reaching and stretching for some higher experience. They feel that if they just read a book, take a class or learn from a spiritual teacher they will have a spiritual life. People will often do these things and they come back to see me and say “I still don’t feel good.”

What most people don’t understand is that we don’t have to become spiritual. We already are spiritual beings. The fact we are alive makes us a spiritual being. We are divine prodigies but most of us don’t know it. We suffer because we are under the illusion that something about us is not acceptable.

It has become my mission in life to help people become whole again, reclaim their truth and understand their heritage. I want people to realize how important they are. To understand that it’s not what you do that makes you important, the fact that you exist makes you a miracle.

This requires a real reversal in our thinking. In order to return to wholeness, we have to shift away from the false impression that we have acquired during our life. When we were growing up and being conditioned into who we are today we often heard adults tell us we were not good instead of our behavior is not good. We were told we weren’t nice, that we weren’t loving, or weren’t kind.

What has happened is those words were imprinted on our soul so we unconsciously embraced the idea that there is something wrong with us, making us ashamed and having to hide it. This causes us to shut down and push the world away.

In order to become whole we need to strip away the confusion and come into a deep appreciation for the glory and magnificence of who we are and know that it is not based on what we do but rather just by virtue of being alive we are divine beings.

For example, how could you looking into a baby’s eyes and not see a glorious, magnificent work of art, a divine miracle. Yet that hasn’t changed, we just grew up. What happened in our perception that we lost this?

I tell my clients and students to carry their baby picture in their wallet. If you lose touch with your self-worth or feel that you don’t matter just look at your own baby picture because you are still the same person who is in that picture. It didn’t change, you just expanded.

We need to fly into that face of confusion and say “no more.” At the root of most health problems, crime and violence in the world is low self esteem; a fundamental belief that “I don’t count, I am not worthy.”

You have to heal from the injury that was inflicted on you along your journey by someone else who was also injured. It is about healing, not blaming. Recognize that collectively we are all suffering and for each one of us that stops the insanity of low self esteem and says “no more” you then become a true agent of light in this world. You will start solving world problems when you begin to love yourself on a personal level.

Self-worth begins with seeing how important you are. The world needs you, God put you here because you’re needed and gave you this body to bring light to the planet. You are capable of contributing an enormous amount and what you can contribute is essential or you wouldn’t be here.

When you feel self-worthy not only will you be able to experience life in perfect harmony with the Universe but you will be making a positive difference to the whole.

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