Feeling Good In Uncertain Times by Getting Your Mojo Back

Getting Your Mojo BackI know what it feels like to actually lose your spark, your passion or some people call it your mojo and it brings you down. It happens when something disturbing or distressing, upsetting, or emotionally harmful occurs in your life and it happens to all of us because that’s life.

We can lose our spark if we lose a job or we break up with someone we are in a relationship with, or someone close to us dies. We lose our spark or zest for life if we are working too hard and our life doesn’t have enough balance or joy. If we get too immersed in negative experiences around us it will bring us down.

The largest factor in losing are spark is when we get cut off from our spirit. Life is difficult at times, it takes its toll on us but eventually, we just have to get up and get going. We have to re-connect to our spirit and get our positive good vibration energy back flowing through us once again.

We do have to go through life lessons and processing such as grieving. We cannot just deny our experiences or power through something. We have to allow ourselves the amount of time we need to assimilate what’s happened and to feel the full range of our feelings. It’s important that we accept that we’ve gone through a loss and absorb what that loss has done in terms of disrupting the flow of our life.

Where we get into trouble is when what we’ve lost or what we’ve experienced creates a situation where we get stuck and we feel like “I’m never going to get through this.” We allow the circumstance of life to overwhelm us and put our fire out.

When you lose our mojo it’s important that you re-experience your optimism; feel your intuition again and get back in the flow of life. It’s important to remember that no matter what has happened there are always good things yet to come. Every experience we go through is a lesson, every experience we go through makes us stronger. It gives us the opportunity to become more resilient; more creative, and more resourceful

What is important is that you become more authentic and live a life that really matters. If you persevere and make up your mind that this is the time to let the past go, and get on with reclaiming your spirit, your life, your joy, and your fire, you will do it.

In order to get your mojo back and reignite your fire that you stop and reflect for a minute as to what caused you to lose your mojo in the first place. What circumstances past or ongoing are robbing you of your life force; causing you to doubt yourself or drain your energy

Stop for a minute and take into consideration; “What about my life is happening or that has happened that has been difficult for me? That has been a loss or a struggle?” Is it a death or a break -up of a relationship, a disappointment at work? Losses leave a hole in your life and disconnect you from spirit and your energy and that often is where the energy drains out.

Think about that for a minute; “have you had any losses or big disappointments or frightening circumstances?”

For example, I have a client who just a few days ago loved his job until his boss quit and his new boss came in and made his job a nightmare by micromanaging and nitpicking everything he did.

So things like that can cause you to lose your mojo,  put out your spark, and make you doubt yourself.  You’re suddenly forced to deal with people and circumstances that are so problematic that you just can’t find your flow or feel good in your own energy.

It’s important also to look at circumstances that you might be holding on to that really aren’t good for you. Maybe you’re holding onto something that has run its course or trying to make a shoe fit that won’t or just forcing a condition.

These things are common, we do it for a lot of reasons. We do it out of loyalty, or because we said so. We stay in situations because we are afraid if we leave them there won’t be a replacement.

Stop reading and ask yourself this question, “What am I holding on to or what am I feeling that I have to stay connected to that really isn’t good for me?”

If you’ve lost your mojo and want to get it back and get your fire burning again you have to get back to the truth of who you are, get back to your authentic self. We tend to hold onto things and stay in situations not because our spirit wants to be there but because we feel we have no choice. That is a very damaging and draining state of mind. It will disconnect you from your spirit and rob you of your joy.

To get your mojo back and light your fire you need honesty, self-reflection, and courage. To me courage means the willingness to get reconnected to your heart; to get out of your mental state and stop obsessing over it.

Take some time after reading this and write down all the things that are really robbing you of your spark, and be honest.

For example, there may be a relationship dynamics that you’re trapped in. You and your partners are fighting, bickering, and just can’t get along, or maybe it’s someone else you just can’t get along with.  It might be resentments that you hold on to because you’re connected to a situation where you don’t feel appreciated or you are over-giving or you feel like you have no choice but to be in something that your heart’s not in anymore.

Write down the things that have occurred, the losses, the changes, the disappointments, the betrayals, the frustrations. Just take a minute and notice how much those things drain you and how much those circumstances cause you to doubt yourself; cause you to not feel good about yourself; cause you to feel powerless

Just notice that all of that. All of those circumstances can be very persuasive; and all of those thoughts can feel very real. Your emotions can really feel like they are telling you the truth, but the real truth is that they are not.

Your emotions are just thoughts, they are just emotions, they are just experiences. You have power in you to pull yourself out and begin to remember that you have a creative spirit. You have the power of free will and the ability to make new choices. While it’s difficult to let go of things that are not working you have to be honest enough to acknowledge that. Ask yourself, “Have you had enough? Have you had enough of what is not working?”

“Have you felt frustrated enough? Have you felt sad enough? Have you felt powerless enough? Have you felt disappointed enough? Have you felt angry enough? To finally reach a point where you say, “It’s enough!” This isn’t worth it anymore.”

It’s not worth robbing me of my life, my joy. It’s not worth robbing me of my vitality and my confidence. Until you’ve had enough you are in your own way.

So if you’ve had enough I want you this week to really pay attention and allow yourself to feel the experiences that are causing you to lose your mojo. Be present and when you are in the experience, whether it’s the frustrating argument or you are going to a job you don’t want to be in, know that you have a choice.

Tell yourself; “I have a choice!” I can’t change what has happened, but I can change the future and I know who I am.” “I can’t change other people,  but I can change my situation.”

The biggest key to getting your mojo back and light your fire is making the decision that you’ve had enough!





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