The Life You Were Born To Live

life-you-were-born-to-liveWhy are you here? What were you born to do? What must you do in order for your life to be fulfilled?

No matter who you are; regardless of your age, your education or where you live, you are already playing many different roles in life. You may be a spouse, a parent, an entrepreneur or a manager. Even if you find one or more of the roles you play in life satisfying that doesn’t mean it’s your purpose.

A true purpose isn’t a task, a project or even a career. It is the foundation for all of these categories but it’s something deeper than any of them. Finding your purpose is both a cause and effect of spiritual growth. You have to embark on a spiritual path in order to find it and when you do your progress along that path is hastened. Effortlessly your life strategy clarifies and falls into place. Without even trying you project a passion and intrinsic strength that can be felt by others around you; seemingly by coincidence new opportunities appear and special people will come into your life.

Purpose comes from the spiritual dimension. It arises from the energy in the Universe that gave you life and empowers you fulfill your purpose and will eventually take you back to the spirit world when your time on Earth is over.

When you feel like you’re missing the point of your life. It is just your spirit trying to get your attention. It’s your higher self trying to awaken you and point you in the direction that you are meant to go. Once this happens you will find that you are no longer content until your true purpose is discovered.

So how can you make this discovery? How do you find the life you were born to live?

For some it happens suddenly, like an epiphany, a moment when you suddenly see through the fog of your life and glimpse what’s really essential; a moment of clarity so intense and dramatic that it becomes one of your life’s true landmarks.

Not everyone finds his or her purpose in a sudden flash of insight. It’s wonderful if that happens but I’m not suggesting that you sit around and wait, nor am I saying that finding your purpose should be hard work or drudgery. Instead, it’s really a matter of creating the right circumstances and the correct consciousness.

In finding the life you were born to live one simple word asks the simplest and most difficult question “why.” Unfortunately most people ask “why” when they are complaining rather than truly asking. We usually ask about negative things and rarely ask about the positive ones. For example, people rarely ask why they got the job that they wanted or why they found the perfect spouse? Instead they ask why they didn’t get hired for the job they wanted or why they got into that car accident?

There is a human tendency to ask why about events that seem negative but you can learn a lot about your purpose by focusing on positive events as well. For example, when you were happy, what made you happy? When you were successful, what brought you that success?

As you ask these questions you will find that many interpretations are possible. Think about all of them because each time you consider a new one you are expanding your frame of reference. You are creating new ways of looking not only at the past but at the present and future as well.

Discovering your purpose requires taking the labels off of your past and seeing the good that may have come even from your most seemingly negative experiences.  Remember, everything that has happened to you has the same origin, the same energy, and the same foundation in the life force.

All this begins with the simple question why. This is the question you need to keep asking. For example, small children are never content with the first answer you give them when they ask why? Whatever you tell them they ask another why question.

To discover the life you were born to live you need to have that same child like persistence, never content with the first answer that comes to you. Dig deeper with why? The more honest and probing you are the better insights you will receive.

Here’s an important point, if you are able to formulate a question, you already know the answer in the deepest level of your being. Your subconscious has always known the answer. It knows the answer to every question you will ever ask.

Then why is it necessary to ask? Because through the act of putting a question into words your conscious mind sends a signal to your subconscious that you are ready to receive its wisdom. You are ready to expand your consciousness into an area that up until now has been unexplored by your conscious self.

One part of you asks because another part of you already knows.

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