Living In An Abundant Universe

abundant-universeYou are living in an abundant universe. It is endless and its infinite intelligence is endless as well. As part of it you are also abundant and deserving of that abundance but your current and past life experiences have worked to convince you that you are flawed and not worthy of all the richness you deserve.

In this week’s blog I not only want to help you realize your own divinity but also help you to understand that whatever good comes your way you are entitled to.

There is nothing selfish about having a desire. In fact you cannot create nor have anything without first having a desire. We all have desires but society has conditioned so many of us to suppress them. We are taught at a very young age about scarcity that we shouldn’t want things.

Nothing could be further from the truth. You are part of the abundance and endlessness of this divine universe and therefore you are entitled to prosperity, joy, wealth and fulfillment. These are not just things you can ask the Universe for but rather you are entitled to. It’s important that you know and understand that.

With all the trials and tribulations through in our lifetimes, the problems we encounter, the mistakes we may have made, and the people we may have hurt, our experiences have a tendency to make us feel unworthy of good things in life.

Many people in society often feel like they will be able to have success and happiness once they clear up certain situations that are currently affecting their life, such as addictions, obesity, a difficult relationship. They feel, once the situation is cleared up they will be worthy of better things.

You have to shift that consciousness around and come at it from a different perspective where you love yourself unconditionally while dealing with those problems. Regardless of what life experiences have caused you to feel you are unworthy. Remember, God loves you just as you are you.

Once you are able to shift your consciousness this new feeling of worthiness will fill you with unconditional love and you begin to feel “yes, I am worthy.”

When you feel unworthy you are disconnected from your spirit and totally in your ego. You block the flow of life’s energy through you. The idea that you are not worthy of good things and abundance in your life separates you from spirit and the universe and the good you want in your life.

I’m often asked by clients and people who attend my workshops, “Does God want this or that for me?” As soon as I hear this I know that they are completely in their ego and separated from their spirit.

The same is true when you are feeling unworthy. What you are saying is “God has made a mistake.” There are no mistakes. Divine intelligence is everywhere. What you want in life has the same divine intelligence that is in you already but you can’t realign yourself to receive it if you feel that you are not worthy of it.

You have to know that you are as worthy of any desire as anyone else on this planet, but you have to be at peace to receive it. The meaning of enlightenment is peace being immersed in it and surrounded by it. That is what your higher self wants to be at peace. Nothing else, it asks for nothing more.

When you feel unworthy you are not at peace. Your ego has taken over and is telling you that you have certain obligations and have to behave in certain ways; you have to fulfill societal obligations and conform to political correctness. You have to let go of that.

Divine intelligence will cooperate with you but it will not cooperate with you if you feel that you are not worthy of its cooperation. Once you feel that you are worthy, that you deserve all the good that life has to offer; that you are a divine child of God, and you have the proper attitudes in place to allow this free flow of energy into your life then you will be able to manifest your desires.

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