Living In Harmony With The Universe

harmony-with-the-universeMost of us have seen holograms. Usually they are in the form of toys or stickers on children’s lunch boxes. Scientifically if you shatter a hologram or cut one up regardless of how small the pieces are the entire image is visible in each piece if you look closely enough. In other words the whole thing can be seen and that’s why it’s called a hologram.

This is the way we should see the Universe, our self, and our life as a hologram. If you change one thing you will change the entire spectrum of things. In other words, you are one being and the whole is being expressed in every aspect of yourself.

Most people’s view of themselves is being fragmented into dozens of different viewpoints. We work hard to improve ourselves in various areas of life but in the process we lose sight of the holistic reality. We end up trying to keep track of the bits and pieces of our life as well as we can. This fragmented sense of who we are is the source of many problems in our life.

For example, are you the same person at work as you are at home, at dinner with friends? If not, what is the cost of this difference emotionally, spiritually and physically?

To the point where your sense of identity changes each time the setting shifts you’re not bringing your whole self to the different areas of your life.  Your being is energy expressing itself in different inter-connective ways. Your energy can and should unify all the different aspects of your being.

It is energy, our life force that is the common denominator of mind, body, and spirit. This energy manifests itself as mind, body and spirit. When we consider these as three separate and distinct parts of our self it is if we have been have drawn a boundary line or barrier between them. This inhibits the flow of energy and takes us our life out of alignment.

When you erase these imaginary barriers and align these three aspects of yourself and experience them as one your life force surges through your entire being; you become like a lightening rod connected to all the energy of the Universe. You are fully present and in the moment. Your body, mind and spirit are unified no matter where you are or what you are doing.

When your body, mind and spirit are aligned you are living life to the fullest and you have maximum power within you. You are radiating positive energy and everyone around you feels it.

Through alignment the fragmentation of body, mind and spirit become one. It is like three musical instruments that through alignment become symphony. Alignment is a relaxation of the barriers that normally inhibit optimum circulation of energy through the mind, body and spirit. In a state of alignment the mind, body and spirit are alert, yet relaxed, quietly receptive to the energy of the Universe.

Alignment is a state of complete relaxation; like taking a warm Epsom salt bath; it’s an infusion of energy, like when you’re running and you get your second wind, you’re in a zone of restful awareness where you lose yourself.  During this state of alignment you experience moments of profound insight that reveals answers to your questions and inspires your creativity.

You can achieve this state of alignment through activities such as yoga, meditation, deep breathing, and physical exercise. You’ll find that these states of alignment will happen spontaneously and naturally as you come to see the truth of who you really are and how the Universe works. You’ll see more and more of this truth as you gradually remove old habits of thinking, perceiving and being that have erected solid barriers separating the body, mind and spirit.

When you are in alignment you will act on your intuition with vigor and decisiveness. You’ll be able to meet all challenges with poise confidence and clarity. You will be living in harmony with the universe.

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