The Power Of Unconditional Love

Power-Of-Unconditional-LoveUnconditional love comes for the source of all that is. In fact another word for God is love. It is the glue that holds everything together. Everything in the Universe is energy in motion and love is within every cell in every living thing.

In order to manifest you desires you must be committed to unconditional love. One of the desires that is in us at birth and remains within us at all times is the desire to experience unconditional love so that we can understand its relationship to manifesting our desires.

Since unconditional love is connected to the source that we call universal intelligence, when you are living in your ego and disconnected from your spirit the thoughts and feelings that you have take you away from love, like judgment, hate, and holding grudges. This is a very difficult thing for most people to do because we live so much of our lives in our ego which is rooted in the physical plane.

If you want to live a life of unconditional love you have to remove judgment, anger and hatred from your thoughts and feelings and you cannot keep a record of wrongs you feel may have been committed against you by others.

The thing that causes the most difficulties in relationships is when people want their partner to be more like them and when that happens they think the relationship will be better. Nothing could be further from the truth because what you think about is what expands so if what you’re thinking about is what’s wrong with the other person or what you don’t like about him or her that is what will expand and manifest in the relationship.

If you want to be able to manifest love in your life or loving relationships or peace you have to shift your thoughts and actions to unconditional love. Even when people are saying things and behaving toward us in ways that we don’t like or find offensive. If someone says something that you find offensive and out of you comes anger, hatred or bitterness it blocks your connection to your spirit.

It’s not what the person says or does that causes this negative reaction rather it is what’s inside of you. The reason this is inside of you is because it is how you choose to process the world. How you choose to make pictures and visualizations in your mind and this is what you manifest more of in your life.

If your inner pictures or what you want to manifest are tainted by anything other than unconditional love you inhibit the manifestation process. You may experience some temporary success in one area of your life but you’ll have difficulties in other areas.

Everything on the physical plane eventually dies and disappears but love never does. You must have the same unconditional love for the divine that it has always had for you. Even through the lowest days of your life, no matter what mistakes you make this unconditional love has always been there. It is always available to you anytime you need it.

When you are in unconditional love the energy you radiate is infectious as soon as you enter a room people will feel your positive energy and want to be around you. You’ll feel more peaceful because unconditional love and peace go hand in hand. You’ll sleep and eat better and automatically want to exercise and take the best care of your body. When you take better care of your body the universal life energy flows more freely through you. The prosperity you never thought you could have begins to appear because you will have cleared all blockages.

Start with a three day commitment to someone close to you, like your spouse, one of your children, a coworker or a friend and make every thought about that person one of unconditional love, no matter how they treat you. Don’t show any judgment or anger toward them. Let go of your ego. Try this for three days and watch what happens. Notice how others treat you.

Unconditional love is power but not over others. It is the power to connect with your spirit and tap into the universal life force. Learn to trust your spirit more than you ego because your spirit knows how the Universe works and will guide you.

When you are in unconditional love everything works in perfect harmony and balance. You are in the flow of life and everything will fall into place according to Divine Plan.

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