The Power Of Words

The-Power-Of-WordsThe words you speak are very powerful. They create everything in your life. Words are what you focus on, believe and imagine. Your words are the energetic substance that channels the mental into physical form. The words you choose release power and life force in whatever they express whether you want them to do so or not.

In the Book of Genesis it says, “In the beginning was the word.” In the Bible it says God created the Universe with the words “Let there be light.” Jesus worked miracles with the words, “Say the word and you are healed.” Moses was given the power of the word with the Ten Commandments to lead his people from slavery to freedom.

Your words are the transfer from the spiritual to the physical plane. Your words are like seeds. They need to be planted with intention because like seeds if they are carelessly thrown about you will get nothing. If however you lovingly choose to cultivate your words, speak them with focus, intention, creativity and love they will grow to manifest wonderful things in your life.

Words are the building blocks of your life. The bricks and mortar of your complete experience which is why it is important to acknowledge the power that your words carry; the power to create the life you really want and the power to destroy it.

The power of your words is not just about speaking your intentions into reality but to fully acknowledge and assume responsibility for the fact that whatever you speak will come into reality. This is why you need to take a long hard look as to not only the words you say but the intention behind them. For example, look at whether or not you use your words destructively. Not just angry outbursts but in more subtle, sneaky and secretive ways.

The power of your words is also the power of integrity. Do you lie? Do you use your words to say things that aren’t true? Do you use words to harm or cause other people to doubt themselves? Do you gossip? Do you spread negativity taking other people’s dreams away?

Your words are vibration and the words you use create the vibration which creates the quality of your life. Therefore if you use words that are negative you will create a negative quality of life. If you use a lot o profanity you will create a profane quality of life. If you use words that are abusive and put others down you will create that in your own life.

On the other hand, if you use words that are loving, considerate, generous, helpful and happy, then you will create that tone and quality in your life. Your words can change everything. Do not underestimate how much your words establish what it is you experience.

God gives us all an incredible power to create whatever we want through our own words as long as we put all of our energy behind them without any doubt. The secret is to speak without any doubt, but you must understand that just as positive words create positive outcomes negative words will create negative outcomes just as readily.

Every word you speak is breathing life force into the world. As you speak you create. If you speak of disappointment the universe will honor that. If you speak of sadness, loneliness or illness the Universe will say, “So be it.” Never say anything you don’t want.

The Universe doesn’t differentiate between words. It doesn’t know the difference between the truth or a lie. It will however respond to the difference in the energy and vibration you send out. That is why it is so important to raise your level of consciousness. Understand that what you want to experience can latterly be spoken into being and what you are experiencing today has already been spoken into being.

Behind every word flows energy. If you use your words carelessly, if you say words without energy and intention you will only create on the mental plane and there will be no physical manifestation. You must put action with the words you speak which is why you should never talk about what you are going to do, rather always talk in the present tense.

When you say what you mean and mean what you say. When you speak your words with intention, focus, clarity and right action you will experience the power of words.

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