Reflecting On Your Environment

reflecting-on-your-environmentYou will not be very intuitive if your awareness is preoccupied with disorganization, or if you are rushed, overworked or struggling with unfinished business. In order to hear the voice of your inner wisdom you must sharpen your awareness by clearing away the distractions that keep you from tuning into your intuition.

Reflect for a moment on the environment you are in as you’re reading this. Take a look around and notice the conditions you are in. Are you in conditions that are organized, neat, clear and tidy or is it a mess? If you live in a mess that is where you attention is going to be, on the mess.

It is no mystery to be able to hear your intuition if you understand how it works. How it works is you free your awareness up so you can tune into the subtle frequency of guidance. How are you going to tune in if you are preoccupied with an environment where toys are laying all over the floor or papers are spread everywhere or you have a backlog of work you haven’t addressed.

You need to assess your environment and ask yourself if you are bogged down by clutter, disarray and disorganization. The simplest and most dramatic step you can take towards raising your consciousness is to eliminate the static on that frequency.

If there is something is in your life that you do not need it takes your energy away from where your energy is needed. You need to take a critical look at your life right now. Look at your desk, your drawers, check out your closets. Take a look in your car, check out the back seat. Go into your garage and into your attic or storage room and ask yourself if it is time to clear out some of the old, unnecessary elements of your life. I’m not saying to throw away important things rather I’m suggesting that you clear away the distractions.

If you cannot tune into your intuition if you are overwhelmed by confusion around you than all you need to do is eliminate it. If you haven’t used something in over a year’s time chances are you’ll never use it again. Take a discriminating look, get a big garbage bag and start to throw things out.

Call the Good Will and other non-profit organizations. Share and donate what you don’t need. Move out what is no longer necessary in your life. When you take the time to reflect on your environment and clear away the clutter you will raise your awareness and free up all that energy to tune into your intuition.

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