Reversing The Destructive Physiology Of Stress

reversing-the-destructive-physiology-of-stressMost people go through emergencies continuously throughout the day. I have never met anyone including myself who has not created a false emergency. It is what you do with it that will determine if you cause yourself unnecessary stress. To live a stress free life you need to be able to determine the difference between a true and false emergency. In order to do this you first must identify what has caused the emergency.

What is a false emergency? It is a presumed threat to your life so you have to ask yourself, “Is this situation a true emergency?” You must be honest and objectively look at the situation and ask yourself “Is this a true or false emergency?” “Is this a true threat to my life?”

If there is no threat to your life then it is not a true emergency. In this case you say to yourself out load this is a false emergency and the emotional state that is connected with it has no value. If you stop the emergency state there is no chemical imbalance in the body or uneasy feeling.

We have the capacity to stop our own emergencies and in doing this we begin to find life opening up in another way because we have gotten out of the ego, invited our spirit in and stopped our body’s aging process.

We have been conditioned, trained, and educated by society to consider any change or situation out of the norm to be an emergency. Most emergencies are governed by time and we feel like we must meet a time standard or limit that is imposed on us to get something done by a certain time and if we don’t, then something bad will happen but most these emergency states are imposed on us by our own misconceptions and misperceptions.

Cause and effect statements that are relegated in the future are very destructive. When you say to yourself, “If I do this then this will happen” it is very destructive forcing you to come to a conclusion with your action and you leave yourself no other options. You have to look at what has been the misperception or misconception to mislead you and cause an emergency state.

You first have to step back and look at the situation and define if it is a true or false emergency then you can actually see what this emergency state looks like. For example, I had a client recently who was very concerned about her financial situation. Her husband was recently deceased and she was very stressed because she was not making enough money to pay all of her bills and in addition she found out she owed a lot of money from her husband’s business debts.

She had this image of herself as a destitute woman homeless out on the street. Since an image is a belief I had her take the emergency situation and really look at the image she had created in her mind and then turn it around thereby creating a new belief.

I had her to change her imagery to see herself as someone who is financially secure and money is coming to her from everywhere. She started to imagine everything she touched turned to gold and angels were coming to her with baskets of money.

The language for her new belief became, “I am prosperity. I am abundant.” Once she changed her belief money started to manifest. She received a check from the IRS for over payment of back taxes she wasn’t aware of; people who owed her husband money came forward to pay her and she got a promotion and substantial raise at her job.

When you change your belief, withdraw and detach from it. You begin to understand it is false emergency. Shift the belief by changing the image you get from your ego and connect with your spirit at this point you open up for the Universe to come to your aid.

The Universe will give you what you need just don’t judge or make up your mind how it will manifest, just allow it to happen. Have faith and trust you are connected to a source that is always there for you. Emergency situations are actually tests from the Universe to help you find your faith and connect with spirit.

Faith means you are taking the steps in a direction you are not familiar with. You don’t know where you are going or what the outcome will be. You do not allow your ego to try to control or influence the outcome you just trust that whatever solution the Universe comes up with is better than what you could have done on your own.

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