The Three Spiritual Awakening Stages

three stages of spiritual awakeningThere are three spiritual awakening stages; a state when you surrender to a greater power and miracles start to happen.

Stage One:  You are a victim.

We are all born feeling that we are powerless and most of us stay that way.  We think that the world is out to get us; the government, our neighbors, our bosses, our coworkers, criminals and society in general.

We don’t feel that we have any influence for the effect for the rest of the world’s cause. We gripe, complain, protest and gather in groups to fight those in charge of us. And except for some occasional social or recreational activity, life in general is terrible.

Most people (except for you are reading this) still feel like a victim.

Stage 2: You gain control of your life.

At some point you have had a life-changing experience; you’ve read a motivational book or taken a motivational class and you woken up to your own power. You realize the power of setting goals. You realize the power you have to visualize what you want, take action and achieve it. Your ego starts to take over and you begin to think that you really can achieve anything you want and life in general begins to look pretty good.

You realize that you’re not a victim and realize that you have more power and control over your life than you ever thought before but at some point you begin to stumble because you can’t achieve every goal you set. And you realize that you’re not in as much control of your life as you thought. Things are not working and you’re wondering what’s wrong.

Stage 3: You Awaken To Spiritual Guidance

You begin to realize that your goals are limitations. You begin to see that with all the new found power you’re still not able to control everything. You stop letting your ego control your life and realize that when you let go and surrender to a greater power miracles start to happen

You begin to let go and trust in spirit guidance. You begin live in the now, moment by moment and become more aware of your connection to the divine. You learn to trust your intuition and recognize inspiration when it comes to you and act on it.  You realize that you have choice but not control of your life. You realize that greatest thing you can do is agree to each moment.

In this third spiritual awakening stage, miracles happen and they constantly astonish you as they do. You live in a constant state of amazement, wonder and gratitude.

Early in my life I was an avid goal setter but I no longer have goals, because I know that goals are limitations. I trust that in the spiritual guidance I receive each day that my spirit guides will pleasantly surprise me more than I could possibly imagine.  My intentions are to act on the inspiration that my spirit guides bring my way every day.

I recommend that you elevate your goals and intentions so that they have a spiritual base. You can do this by spending 15 to 20 minutes each day in quiet meditation. Listen to the spiritual wisdom and guidance you receive. Follow the spiritual guidance you receive and act on your intuition.

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