Taking Responsibility For Your Experience

taking-responsibility-for-your-experineceOne of the most important revelations you will ever make in this life is that you decide the way your life will go. It’s your choice, you decide. This is your gift and your right. Wake up, be conscious and you decide.

Your life is like your kingdom and how your kingdom is run is your choice. If you become conscious and own that, you are no longer going to be pushed around by anyone or anything. It is a very powerful awareness to realize “I decide.”

No matter what condition you are in. No matter how unfair life feels and how frustrated you are the truth is you are a powerful creator. The way you create is through decision. There is only one power in the universe and that is the power of decision, all else follows.

What kind of life are you going to lead? What kind of life are you going to have? Whatever role you take is your decision. So many people give away their power to choose by making a poor decision.

For example, “I’m going to decide I am weak, I’m making a poor decision therefore I am going to give away my power; I’m going to decide I am not lovable and then I’ll have that movie.” Whatever decision you make the universe will bow down to you and say “So be it!” You decide and write the rules.

You cannot be whole and be in your own power if you don’t own it. You have to become conscious of just how powerful you are. Every decision you make is filled with life force and all else follows. If you are not thoughtful about your decisions then they will run you.

When you are whole and complete you take full responsibility for your experience. You direct the course of your life. You are the one who ultimately decides what kind of an experience you will have. You are the architect of your own experience.

You define yourself to others. For example, “I’m a healer, I’m an artist, I’m a salesperson or I’m lonely.” It is up to you to reveal the power that you want to put behind your own experience, “I’m willing, I’m going for it, I’m afraid or I can’t.” All of these reflect degrees of balance or imbalance in your life.

You have to carry forward your own sense of self. You have decide who you are and how you are going to present yourself to the world. It is part of your self-esteem. You tell the world what you intend to do with your life and who you intend to be in the world.

Stay true to your course and make right choices in life that support who you really are. You are the captain of your own ship and the ruler of your own experience.

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