The Journey Inward

The- Journey -InwardIn the current political climate where we appear to be so divided and there are many groups of people who want different changes it cannot happen without making changes in yourself first. This is difficult and most people don’t want to do it. They would rather try to impose their will on other people and make them change. This will never bring about peace and harmony it will only cause difficulty and chaos.

In order to make fundamental change bringing about peace and harmony in the world you have to take the journey inward and in order to do this you must make four fundamental decisions. With these four decisions you will spiral out of an ordinary life and begin an extraordinary life.

The first decision you have to make is to be open to your sixth sense. Once you make this decision the transformation process begins. I tell my clients and the people who attend my workshops  sixth sensory awareness is the process of becoming perceptive to energy which vibrates in the Universe very much like radio waves. When you are open, what you are doing is turning your consciousness on, much like turning a radio on so that you can begin to receive your intuitive messages

When you become open you begin the process of turning your consciousness on and receiving communication from your higher self. Are you open to listening to your intuition? It’s a decision you have to make.

The second decision you have to make is expect to receive intuitive messages. When you expect to receive intuitive messages you create a powerful dynamic that pulls the voice of your spirit into your life. When you expect something, even something negative you attract it to you. It creates a vacuum and the Universe will fill that void. The Universe insists on harmony so for every place you expect guidance the Universe will fill that void with the proper guidance that is in proper harmony with your expectation.

It is a very emphatic and radical decision. People who expect intuitive guidance will receive it. Can you expect intuitive guidance? Can you get in your car and have your intuition tell you which way to go in order to avoid traffic and get to your destination the easiest and fastest way? Can you expect when you sit down to do a project for your job that you intuition will guide you on how to do the project to the best of your ability?

When we expect guidance for anything we create an opportunity that the Universe will fill and because the Universe seeks harmony it will fill the opportunity with the appropriate direction, guidance or solution. Expecting is hearing the music when you’re listening to the radio. When you turn your radio on, you turn your consciousness on and by being open to hearing your intuition you will hear the broadcast. They go together. It’s dialing in your awareness to hear the broadcast of your spirit. Expectation is creating the opportunity for the voice of your spirit to come through.

The third decision you must make is to trust your intuition when you do hear the broadcast. This is the step that most people struggle with. They’re afraid to make a mistake; afraid to have so much authority over their own life; they’re afraid they might have to explain it. These are the things that keep us from trusting our intuition.

I tell my clients, every time they get a gut feeling, a hunch or an impulse don’t sensor, evaluate or judge, just notice and pay attention to what it is that you are feeling. Write down what you are feeling and in just week one you will have plenty of evidence to believe your own experience.

One of the things that creates a huge block in listening to and trusting our intuition is that we have these preconceived notions about what intuition is or what it feels like according to how we see intuitive awareness demonstrated on television or in the movies. We have been indoctrinated to expect these radical, disturbing and intense experiences and that is what we expect an intuitive experience to be but this is not how six sensory awareness works. It is subtle and gentle, like a whisper.

It is important when you get an intuitive message to speak it out load. By doing this you are telling your subconscious mind these messages have value and they are real and once you begin to notice one it will lead you to another and  then another. This in turn will lead you to an entire new dimension of awareness.

The fourth decision is the simplest but the most important. Act on your intuition. This allows your spirit to participate in your life. You will develop a relationship with your spirit that will enable you to become more trusting of your intuitive guidance and it will become natural to act on it. When you take the journey inward you not only change yourself but also the world.

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