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creative-visualizationVisualization is the art of being able to see with your mind. Applied to six sensory living, it refers to the creation of mental images sustained and energized by intensely concentrating our focus on our desired intention. The concept is simple what your mind sees and is truly made to believe becomes your reality.

Visualization is probably the single most important sill you can perfect to manifest things that you want in your life. Not only does it fuel your intentions but it will allow you to do amazing things with your mind, such as divide your consciousness in half, allowing each part to be focused and fully absorbed on two different tasks. When done right it can literally be like being in two places at once.

Many beginners make too much of the visualization process. I do not mean this in terms of its importance to spirituality. It is very important! I refer here to what they expect the experience to be like. We visualize all the time. Visualization is as simple as daydreaming, as easy as thinking. When was the last time someone waved a hand in front of your unblinking eyes because you had drifted off into your inner self? Unless you are a total recluse, it was probably not too long ago.

What was it you were thinking about? A relationship? Your dream home? Money? Personal success? Consciously harness those mental images and you will know how to visualize.

One of the most important rules of visualization is not apparent from its name. Visualization is not just visual; it’s a multisensory act. So when you practice visualization, you can imagine not only how something looks but how it feels, sounds, smells and tastes. The more sensory input you have the richer and stronger the resulting neuronal network becomes.

At first you may have difficulty experiencing details in all of your senses during visualization. So to help you develop your multisensory visualization skills, I will give you three fun exercises. They are easy and can be done any time.

I call the first exercise mental painting. Look at an object; then close your eyes and imagine yourself painting it on a canvas. After you painting is complete, open your eyes and compare your masterpiece with the original object. This same exercise can be done with sounds, feelings, smells and tastes. By creating your imagined version in each of your senses, you’re developing the channels of communication between that sense and your brain.

In the second exercise, you create comparisons. Play a mental game of comparing things you see with something else. For example, a piece of string on the ground can be imagined as a river; a butterfly, as an airplane; someone you’re angry with as a Walt Disney character with Mickey Mouse ears; your car, as a spaceship. To keep this exercise interesting, bring humor and exaggeration into the comparisons. This is good practice for thinking in visual metaphors, which is one of the keys to a good memory.

The third and final exercise involves seeing your phone conversations. Whenever you’re talking on the phone, imagine in detail the physical features of the person on the other end. Use this as an imagination-strengthening game, even if you’ve never seen the person you’re talking to. As he or she talks, let pictures develop that represent a multisensory image of what’s happening on the other end of the connection.

Try these three exercises often. They’re a form of mental aerobics that can help you strengthen your visualization skills and foster your peak intelligence.

As you continue to develop this skill you will notice that as you end visualization sessions, you feel as if you have truly been elsewhere and so you have. You have visited the world of your higher self which has the power to create for you anything you can envision and turn your dreams into reality.

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