Unleashing Your Inner Power Through Deep Breathing

Unleashing-Your-Inner-Power-Through-Deep-BreathingOne of the most common problems I run into with people is that they are afraid.  I have seen this in all type of venues. For example, people are afraid when they go to social engagements. They are afraid of meeting and interacting with people they have never met before.

People are often afraid when they go shopping. They’re afraid they are going to be taken advantage of or they might buy the wrong thing. Many people are afraid to drive. They are afraid of other drivers and getting into an accident.

When you become afraid you stop breathing.  Breath is power and when you hold your breath you lose that power. When you breathe your center of power and boundaries get bigger and bigger. You set the intention of being safe, “no one is going to mess with me.” There is power in your breath.

One of the biggest problems people have is that their breathing is very shallow.  So often when people have a lot of anxiety they reach for prescription drugs and alcohol to curb their feelings.  These don’t improve your life at all, they only make things worse.

Breath is spirit when you breathe deeply in through the nose you are bringing the power of your spirit into your body and when you exhale through mouth you are getting rid of all the anxiety and fear inside of you.

When you first wake up in the morning take at least ten deep breathes to start your day. When you feel anger or anxiety coming on during the day, stop and take three deep breaths before you react or say anything. You will feel a calming because spirit is in your body.

When you practice deep breathing and create a pure vibration of intention you are invincible. If you can create such a clear sense of what is true for you and put your full power of decision behind that no one will mess with you.  It is an awesome power. So awesome that nothing can stop you.

My favorite example of this is the story of Mahatma Gandhi, who liberated India by pure intention and not a single gun was raised. He just decided, “It’s time to be free.” It was the bloodless revolution of India.

Intention and decision if pure are invincible. The important thing about getting to that place is to get really clear and really specific about what’s true for you. What is your limit? That kind of intention, that kind of courage to face down violation and someone’s intrusion into your space is power.

If you have the ability to say “no” without any reservation people will not even test you. They won’t even go there. Someone who really knows there boundaries, is also extraordinarily respectful of other people’s boundaries. When this is the case everyone feels mutually benefitted and safe.

When you know what works for you and you’re really honest about it you will not ask someone else to violate their boundaries. It just would not be consistent with who you really are.

Boundaries and sovereignty are about taking honest responsibility and control over your life. Doing to the best of your ability what really is correct for you, no more and no less.

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