Using the Wisdom of Astrology in Your Every Day Life

The Wisdom of AstrolgyAstrology is the study of the stars that was developed in Ancient Egypt around 500BC. From there it became intermingled with Ancient Greece and made its way to the western civilization.

It is a system that studies the effects of the planets and stars on humans. Astrology examines the correlation between the positions of the heavenly bodies and their relationship to events on earth.

Astrology connects you to the universe, to the whole. and with the larger, Divine cycles. When used properly, astrology can help bring meaning to seemingly meaningless events, especially the ones that test our resolve.

By studying the patterns and positions of the planets at the time of a person’s birth, you can get an idea of a person’s character and potential. Astrology can give you insights into your personality and possibilities for achievement. and trouble that can lie ahead. It can also guide you with timing, exploring the compatibility with a potential partner, and making the best choices.

Astrology will give you a general idea about events in your life and is remarkably accurate in helping you tune into the energy that is operating around you, but you have you use your own intuition and guidance. It cannot and will not mark out every detail of your life because that would be interfering with free will.

Moon phases are very important when it comes to astrology. For example, new moons signify new beginnings. For example, when a new moon occurs with a solar eclipse, it’s a new moon on steroids!

You see, astrology is about aligning with the forces that rule the moon, the tides, and the turning of the planets, and then finding your unique place within this system based on how the planets were lined up at the moment of your birth.

The Moon’s gravitational pull causes the ocean to have high and low tides. When you think about this for a moment you begin to understand how powerful the moon’s influence is on us. The moon is so powerful that it literally pulls the ocean back and forth. This makes even more sense because the majority of our body is made up of water, sodium, and other minerals just like the ocean. There is no doubt the moon has an influence on us.

Different seasons also have an effect on us. Spring, summer, autumn, and winter are caused by the earth’s rotational axis relative to the sun. For example, in the wintertime, when it’s dark, many people struggle with apathy, exhaustion, anxiety, and depression. Whereas people are generally more upbeat and feel better in the summer. These are clear examples of the sun’s strong influence on how we feel and behave.

The whole point of astrology is understanding there are universal forces that act on us that are far greater than we know, and far greater than we can control, but with which we can work consciously for maximum effectiveness and fulfillment.

Astrology can be a very good blueprint. It acts as a reminder that your soul chose to incarnate in this lifetime. It reminds us that we are part of a much bigger cycle and that we are not meant to suffer.

Don’t give it power over you. Astrology is simply a tool. It’s like checking the weather forecast to see if you should pack a raincoat, but, it has no real power over you.

There are no bad astrology charts. Astrology is like a roadmap designed to help you access your soul’s original blueprint, but, there aren’t any “bad” charts. Every chart has its challenges and its gifts.

Align with the Divine. There are no “bad” transits if you know how to align with the Divine. In other words, you are not a victim of your astrological chart, though some aspects will test your soul’s resolve more than others. For example, wherever Saturn is going through your chart (a transit), it’s likely that that particular area of your life is undergoing a bit of “breakdown to breakthrough.” It all depends on how the degree of orbiting Saturn in the sky coincides with a particular portion of your own natal chart (the position of the planets at the time of your birth.) And each of these positions is associated with a different area of life, such as home and roots, partnerships, career, etc.

Ignore newspaper sun sign astrology. Sun Sign horoscopes were started in the early 20th century as a way to sell more newspapers. However, your sun sign is just one aspect of your individual astrological signature. It won’t give you much information unless you also know your rising sign, moon sign, and the positions of your personal planets, including Venus, Mars, and Mercury.

Surrender to the process. For example, when things in our life get difficult we typically act or react and we try to solve them with our minds. We often deny it with drugs, alcohol or sugar. When you’re going through some of the transits, there’s nothing to do but surrender to the process, and this is when having a blueprint of your soul’s journey and why this is happening is so helpful.

The bottom line is. astrology is a tool for empowerment. If you are willing to look at yourself critically and do the work, your life becomes magical with opportunities and miracles

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