The Value of Innocence

Value-Of-InnocenceInnocence is a quality that we associate with babies and small children, not with adults. Although the carefree and innocent trust of a young child strongly appeals to us, we dismiss it because society has conditioned us that it is not normal for an adult to have innocence. Calling an adult “innocent” usually implies naiveté’, lack of experience, even simplemindedness. We consider it more desirable to be experienced and astute.

Yet within everyone is hidden a deep regret that they can no longer be carefree and childlike. These feelings of regret will often express themselves as fantasies and thinking about our childhood. As parents were often want to relive and rewrite our childhood through our children but this dream never comes true and what usually happens is that the unresolved problems of parents continue to be passed on to their children and generation after generation of innocence gets killed.

The only way to really get our innocence back is through the spiritual growth that is taking place inside us every day. No one can become a child again, at least not in this lifetime but that doesn’t mean we can’t nurture the innocence within ourselves.

Before we can do this however we have to define what innocence is and it is here that most people simply accept certain beliefs about it. How many of the following words would you apply to an innocent person? Vulnerable, weak, impressionable, bashful, easily influenced, irrational, dependent; all of these terms apply to infants, who come into this world totally dependent and vulnerable.

However, true innocence does not carry any of those connotations. These are just our cultural bias, our ignorance about the nature of life. The best synonym for innocence is simplicity, but many mistaken beliefs have encrusted that word.

Simplicity is simply being in the flow of life and the only way to do that is through your intuition. Being in the flow of life is, understanding that we all share one breath and we live from a place of unconditional love.

By using our intuition, we have no need to make problems. Our entire energy turns in the opposite direction and because we feel what the other person is experiencing, we naturally want to help. To relieve the other person’s discomfort relieves our own; giving a gift to another is to give ourselves a gift.

Love is really the only solution to problems. It takes love to dissolve separation, to bring people together into one harmonious whole.

Life is already one; we don’t have to make it that way. Love is already inside us as our true being; we don’t have to make it appear. By using our intuition to guide us, we tap into the deepest reality, the deepest creativity. Then solutions come simply, because the causes of complications, fear, distrust, separation no longer exist.

When I say that love is always the solution, it means that some aspect of reality, of life as it really is, has replaced our creation of false boundaries. When you live from a place of unconditional love you are living in state of innocence which is the normal state of life. Innocence is the state that is closest to our being and connects us with spirit.

Innocence comes from life itself; the more intimately you come in contact with your own being, the simpler things look and the easier they are to deal with. This is not just a shift in psychological orientation this is connecting with and listening to guiding wisdom of your spirit.

The reason very few us can live in a state of unconditional love is because many of us identify love with those few people we think deserve it, those who pass our inner test of lovability. Innocence is impersonal, it radiates love without boundaries.

Once you reach a state of innocence something will have changed that can never be reversed. Instead of being weak and isolated, you sense of being, of “I am,” will be strong enough to build the world on, because you will share the same, “I am” that life itself feels. On that basis, you won’t need to change. Everything will deserve its place under the sun.

As you learn to listen and follow your intuition you will be connected to spirit. It is then that your state of innocence will flower on its own and the love that accepts everything will be found in your heart.

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