Intentions Are Key To A Successful Relationship

Why Intentions Are Key To A Successful RelationshipIt is important that we set intentions for our relationships. If we don’t, we often set ourselves up for tremendous disappointment. One of the biggest reasons many relationships don’t work is because we don’t fulfill our intentions.

This takes us back to getting in touch with our spirit and our integrity. To have happy and fulfilling relationships you must be honest, and I mean honest at a level that you are not normally accustomed to.

I’m going to invite you to reflect on your intentions and name them out loud. For example, in my relationships my intentions for others is to have them match me in my degree of integrity and transparency.

My intentions are to have other people be the same way with me that I am with them but not all people are the way I am, so I have had some disappointing relationships. These failed relationships happened because I didn’t check in with my intentions to see if they in fact were realistic for the other person to be the way I expected them to be.

My enthusiasm is one of my greatest qualities but it can also be one of my biggest obstacles in relationships. I have often made the mistake in my life of assuming that my intentions would be met by the other person. I assumed that we would both be in agreement and that hasn’t been the case in a lot of my relationships.

What is your intention for the relationship you are in? Do you want the other person to be your friend, a coworker, a lover?

Our journey here on the physical plane in this lifetime is to co-create with the universe and continue to learn. I am always learning and I invite you to also begin to learn. To dial into your intentions and your needs. Be clear with yourself about what your needs are in a relationship.

You need to clear about what your needs are because if you’re not real clear about them and what your intentions are, how will anyone else? This is where you assume other people are more intuitive then they really are.

For example, if you say something like, “I like you, you’re going to meet my needs.” This is a big projection on your part that the other person is going to be intuitive enough to know what your needs are and fulfill them without even discussing it. This is being very naive about intuition.

It’s important in any relationship to begin to recognize your needs clearly. Most people’s relationships suffer because at some point in the relationship you become aware that your needs are not being fulfilled. More importantly you become aware that, you never knew what your needs were in the first place. It’s up to you to start fulfilling your own needs first.

Start by beginning to name your needs. For example, you might need transparency in your relationships.  Maybe you need to be with someone who is not overly defended or who is not pushing you away.  You might need someone who is enough in touch with themselves that they can be available.

Communication is something I need in my relationships. I don’t want to be in a relationship where I am reading someone else’s mind intuitively. Even though you think you are really good at that you’re probably not as good as you think you are. More than likely you are probably reading your own mind and projecting it on to someone else and trying to convince yourself, “that’s the way it is.” It’s much better to communicate what you need.

It’s also important to me that my partner has a sense of humor. If I’m with someone, whether it’s a partner, a friend, neighbor, or a coworker, if a sense of humor isn’t there, I know that the relationship is going to frustrate me and probably not work out.

You need to start listening to your spirit and recognizing your needs because if you don’t recognize your needs such as a need for space or privacy, it will often cause drama because your needs are not being met.

Spend this week sitting with your spirit, tuning into your heart; acknowledging, listening to your needs and writing them down. These are your basic needs just to be comfortable when relating to another person. It is your responsibility for getting your needs met. You can’t just throw your needs out onto the world and hope other people will meet them for you.

When you know what your needs are and set your intentions for a relationship it will open you up to feel better about yourself and develop more contact with your spirit. It will make you more available to your spirit and that will improve any relationship you have.

Practice, and follow through, these are big things to learn. Commit to setting your intentions, take your time and you will create extraordinary relationships.

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