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Chakra Readings

Your body has seven spiritual centers, called chakras, which need to be balanced in order for your life to be in balance. Each chakra corresponds to certain physical, emotional, and psychological needs. If a chakra is out of balance, all kinds of symptoms can occur, ranging from low self-esteem to fearfulness to a lack of faith.

This spiritual reading will tell you if any of your chakras are out of balance and things you can do to bring your chakras back into balance.


Soul Readings

Our soul self-embodies the sum total of our conscious experiences throughout each lifetime, and we carry this totality of consciousness from one lifetime to the next. The soul is composed of all our experiences: positive, beautiful, and transcendent, as well as horrific, traumatic, and painful.

In this spiritual  reading we will look back on the whole body of your soul experience and identify outworn patterns of behavior that you tend to repeat and help you gain a stronger connection to your higher self in present time.


Relationship Readings for Couples

Whether you’ve been in a challenging relationship and looking for something better or you’re currently in on and trying to make it better. We will look for patterns in your relationships that you continue to experience and what these patterns are trying to teach you in order to make your relationship happier and more fulfilling.

We will also look at in this spiritual reading and why you’ve chosen certain people as your friends and romantic partners.

Couples Reading

Business Readings

In this reading we will look at your current job or career and see if it is aligned with our soul purpose.  You will find out the fascinating reasons behind your likes and dislikes talents and skills that are currently affecting your financial lifestyle and how you can open up your life in ways that will help you experience greater abundance.

If you are current business owner we’ll identify areas where energy in the business is strong and where it is deficient and ways to improve it.

Business Reading

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