Be Aware Of Your Blind Spot

be-aware-of-your-blindspotAs you transition into living a six sensory life you need to look out for your blind spot. Even after years of working with clients and teaching them to be more intuitive I find they still want to exercise control over everything. When this happens you have to be conscious of it and tell the Universe what you need help with but don’t concern yourself with how the Universe will respond.

So many people make the mistake of deciding in advance how things should work out. When you do, you’re only working with what you know and you’re not allowing for the unknown and the unseen.  Something may work out better or bigger.

I find this often happens in relationships when one person decides that they’re partner is one for him or her. One person gives everything they have to their partner but their partner doesn’t have the same goals or desires as they do and won’t commit but the person refuses to see it. The person will stay in the relationship determined to make their partner see that he or she is the right one.

Most people don’t understand the Universe will give them a loving stable, committed partnership when they let go and allow the Universe solve it. Often times the Universe will force the issue because the person who is not committed walks out on the relationship leaving the other person disgusted and heartbroken blaming everyone but them-self for the broken relationship.

After this happens the Universe will lead the person to something better like a new career or some other wonderful life adventure and right into a true loving relationship. The Universe always wants to help us but we often predetermine in our mind that the relationship we are in is the right one. We never notice how miserable we actually are when we are in a bad relationship.

It’s very hard to believe there is a plan, a purpose and an answer better than the one we can come up with. This is the biggest leap of faith you’re going to have to take on the path of six sensory living. If you allow yourself to be guided by your ego you may get what you want but it probably won’t make you happy. When you allow for the Universe to solve your problems, to bring you a solution, to bring you a direction it will undoubtedly be better than the one you could have come up with.

You must be willing to be surprised. The Universe has solutions that are delightful. Better than you can imagine or come up with. This is one of the hallmarks of six sensory living. It’s generous and will always take you somewhere even more loving and beneficial than you could ever imagine or feel worthy of.

This means you have to surrender and let go. Stop trying to run the Universe and let the Universe run through you; stop trying to protect yourself from your ego point of view and remember the Universe put you here to have an adventure and will provide you with everything you need to let that adventure be the best possible one you could imagine.

Doubt pops up when we forget our worth. We forget the Universe loves us so much that our life should be good. Doubt pops up when we forget to meditate every day and we focus on appearances instead of how things really are. When you have doubts don’t be hard on yourself, lighten up, do something nice and remember the Universe loves you.

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