The Benefits of Tapping and Why It Works

Why Tapping WorksIt’s easy to discover that tapping works, all you need to do is try it and have your own personal experience. Tapping is a powerful stress release technique, but a common question people ask is “Why?” “Why does it work so well?”
Tapping works because it releases and unblocks energy through the meridian points, similar to acupuncture. It tells you if the energy flowing through your body is disturbed at that point.

Tapping is like developing your own emotional first aid kit. You can use it in a pinch to get rid of that stress without having to go through all the tapping points. It will help you identify which emotion comes out when you are stressed. For example, do you get angry? Do you get anxious? Maybe you go into overwhelm. There is a different tapping point for each of those emotions.

One of the reasons tapping is so powerful is because of the energy connection between our body, our emotional state, our physical state and the spiritual state we are in at the moment.

Let’s start by going over what meridians are. Meridians are pathways. Channels of energy that go through the body. They are specific paths that were mapped out in ancient China thousands of years ago; and they interconnect inside the body. One meridian flows into the other meridian and into the other meridian. It actually takes 24 hours for the energy to cycle through all the meridians.

The reason why tapping clears up so many problems is that, when energy flowing through your body is stuck, tapping gets it flowing again through all the meridians. It’s similar to how veins and arteries carry blood through our bodies. You can have major problems when the blood gets stuck and can’t flow. When energy flowing through your body is stuck and disrupted it can cause major health and emotional issues as well.

If your blood flow is blocked; you can have a stroke or a heart attack. When your energy gets stuck; you are not as healthy or as happy as you could be. because your energy is not flowing freely throughout your body.

Let’s talk about the correlation between Meridian points and emotions. According to the ancient Chinese healing which acupuncture and tapping is based on; the Chinese mapped these energy channels in the body over 5,000 years ago. How the Chinese did that is they looked and found patterns. They found that not only is each meridian associated with certain organs in the body but it’s also associated with certain emotions.

Tapping points that are along the meridians that are close to the surface of the skin have lower resistance. So when you are tapping on them it’s easier to affect the energy that’s flowing through them. Most of these tapping points are in depression areas. They are either between or around the bones.

Think of an acupuncturist when he or she puts a needle in a spot. The acupuncturist is not going to put that needle directly into a bone; he or she is going to put the needle in a little dip or hollow around the bone or between the bones. That’s where you want to feel for these points.

Sometimes I will get clients that want to know exactly where the points are, but you don’t have to be so specific when you are tapping. It’s hard not to hit an energy point when you tap anywhere on the body using two fingers.

When we tap on the points on the top of the head, the face, the collar bone, and under the arm; they react faster. This is because they are easier to get to and are closer to the skin. These points respond especially when saying affirmations while tapping.

I want to take you through the eight main tapping points. First is the side of the hand, known as the karate chop point. It doesn’t matter which hand you tap on. Choose the one you are comfortable with.

The second tapping point is known as the eyebrow points. These tapping points are located on the indentations of the eye sockets where the bridge of the nose meets the eyebrows. You can tap on both eyebrow points at once or just one.

We then move down to the side of the eyes. You go around the side of eye and until you feel the indentation point that is the tapping point. You can tap on both sides of the eyes at once or just one.

The next point is underneath the eye. This tapping point is located just below the eye, You go over the curve into the cheekbone. You’ll find there’s a little dip on there; that’s the tapping point. Again, you can tap underneath both eyes at the same time or just one.

Then you move to the next point which is underneath the nose. This point is about a third of the way down, right where your gums curve and meet your teeth. You can use one or two fingers to tap on this point

Next, move to under the mouth. This tapping point is located in the center of your chin where you feel the crease.

Moving to the next point which is the collar bone. To find this point, just follow your collar bone to the protrusion at the head of the collar bone. Those two bumps there. Then go down and out about an inch and you’ll feel as you go over the bone there is a little indentation there. That is the tapping point. I advise my client to tap on both sides of the collar bone at once.

You then move to under the arm. This tapping point is located at the bra line of each armpit. You can tap under whichever arm feels best for you.

Lastly, we move to the top of the head. These tapping points are located right in the center at the top of the head.

Now, there are many other tapping points, but we don’t usually use them in the tapping process because many of them are just harder to get to.

Tapping is one of the most wonderful and powerful healing modalities in the world and when you do it regularly it can produce amazing results

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