Building Relationship With Your Spirit

building-relationship-with-your-spiritThe type of relationship you have with spirit depends entirely on what you bring. We live most of life in our intellect where we want to get to the point fast. We want to have the “ah ha” moments immediately. These things will come but only if you first build the support system.

You will get what you give. Your guides will not work harder to connect with you than you work to connect with the guides. The spirit guides will work with you if you create a higher frequency to communicate with them. You do this by creating a sacred space where you work with your guides when doing your daily work. Eventually wherever you internalize a consciousness of sacred awareness you will be able to tune into your guides all the time.

I recommend as I do with my clients and students that you find a place in your home where you can create a sacred space. Where you can go and communicate with your guides.

For example the founder of the Hilton Hotel chain, Conrad Hilton whenever he had an important decision to make he went to his sacred space. He had a particular area in his office where he would go to, pull the curtain, write out his question and just sit in the dark until he received guidance.  When he went into that space he stepped into a portal to connect with spirit.

There is no right or wrong. It can be a large or small space, whatever works for you. The key is consistency because that is what trains the consciousness. It is all about what you imagine, your intention. When you go to your sacred space you are suspending your attention in the outer world and go into a different frequency.

Creating your own unique sacred space is a necessity for building a strong relationship with your spirit. The foundation for guidance is for you to train your subconscious mind to know that your sacred space is the place you go to tune into a different frequency. It allows you to make that shift.

Connecting with your spirit guides requires a really strong desire on your part and it’s made accessible through your imagination. Forget any preconceived ideas because it only unfolds if you’re willing to enter into a realm of experience different from the one you are accustomed to and validating for yourself as legitimate.

How strong is your inner critic? You need to be aware of this. Your inner critic will tell you things like, “That is not real” We have this preconceived notion from Hollywood of how guides come through which is not correct. Guidance is very subtle and loving.

You need to be consistent about your relationship with guides by having a sacred space where you can go to meet with them every day.

Remember guidance comes from the heart space so what you pick up and perceive may have no words at all. Guidance is pure vibration. Spirit communication is like music. You want to look for feeling, tone, flavor and tempo not words.

The spirit guides don’t connect to the intellect. They connect to your spirit. Connecting with your guides is all about listening and feeling. For example if someone is talking to you and you feel it in your heart space you know it is their spirit talking. Whereas if they are talking from their ego you will hear it in your mind but you won’t actually feel it.

In order to build a relationship with your spirit you need to recognize, nurture and feed it. Once this relationship is developed it will open up communication with your Divine support system, your spirit guides.

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