Change Starts with You and The Power to Love Yourself

Power of Self LoveYou cannot truly love and help someone else until you love yourself. Self-love will transform your life. It will transform every cell in your body, and it will transform your relationships and your entire life. The ability to love yourself is as vital to your health as a good diet and exercise.

So many people today want to change the world, they want to help and change others, but the truth is you cannot help anyone else or change anything for the better until you fully love and appreciate yourself. You need to treat yourself as though you’re someone special every day.

Self-love can get a little steep and rocky, and sometimes scary, which is why most people don’t want to do it, but it’s worth it.
Here some suggestions you can try that will help you love yourself more every day:

Write yourself a love note. This takes all of about ten seconds. Just jot down something you love about yourself. Leave yourself a love note on your bathroom mirror so you see it when you get up in the morning. You can also send yourself an email then open it later. You can even scatter love notes around where you will find them throughout the day or week, such as on your grocery list, by the laundry, or in a jacket pocket.

Take a break from social media. Social media causes us to focus on others rather than ourselves. Plus, it takes our attention away from the present moment. When you take a break from social media, you have time to focus on yourself and your own intentions.

Engage in healthy rituals. A ritual is a routine with intent behind it. It’s the same as putting mindfulness into practice. Self-care is the most gratifying form of self-love. Try establishing rituals that support your health, such as getting enough sleep, meditating, or dancing. You can also try practicing affirmations or journaling.

Nourish your body. Eating whole foods and drinking pure water are easy ways to show yourself some love, particularly if you suffer from digestive issues (which as we age can be related to taking care of everyone but yourself). Nourishing your body with healthy foods can also improve body acceptance and self-esteem.

Get comfortable being alone. Many people today feel anxious being alone. Much of this has to do with our culture’s constant obsession with connection to others through social media. However, spending time alone is good for your health and can be the key to happiness. Set aside time every day to be alone. Use your alone-time to read a good book, take an Epsom salt bath, or try a new activity.

Spend time with real friends. You’ve heard the expression, “Your vibe attracts your tribe.” Be sure to spend time with people who lift you up. The energy of the people you surround yourself with has a direct impact on your own energy.

Establish boundaries. In order to truly love yourself, you are going to have to say “no” to others more often. When you do this, you may find that you have fewer people in your life. Or you may find that certain people try to lure you back in with increased demands on your time and energy. Don’t give in. When you break the cycle of self-sacrifice, you take a huge step toward self-love.

Say affirmations. Start your day with a positive statement about yourself. The statement can be an acknowledgment of something you have accomplished, such as, “I am a great cook. I made delicious, healthy meals yesterday.” Or you can make your statement about a feeling you wish to evoke throughout your day, such as, “Today I am joyful and loving.” Practice your affirmations in front of a mirror first thing in the morning.

Be grateful for all the good things in your life. We all face difficulties and challenges in our life every day. Society conditions us to always concentrate on the negative, but there are so many positive things that happen in our lives if we just stop to look. The fact that you wake up in the morning and are alive is a miracle. Be grateful for his gift.

Here’s a practice I use every day that I recommend. Before you go to sleep at night make a gratitude list. Take five minutes and list all the good things that happened to you during the day. You’ll be amazed at all the positive things that happen in your daily life that you over-look and you’ll sleep much better.

The more you tap into the energy of self-love, the better the world becomes for you and for everyone. So, don’t spend another minute pining for what you don’t have, because you really, truly lack for nothing. It’s all inside of you ready to be trotted out, dressed up, and loved.

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