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claim-your-divine-rightsIn working with people from all over the world for many years I have had the privilege to intimately see people and witness their beautiful divine creative nature, people who are so incredibly gifted, lovely and powerful, but at some point in their life have become self-rejecting, have developed a feeling of being unlovable and unworthy.

Something has gone terribly wrong in our path to understand who we really are causing us to believe that we are not worthwhile. I have counseled and taught entrepreneurs who have built successful businesses that have created a good livelihood for themselves and countless others and yet they feel bad about themselves.

I have worked with teachers, medical doctors, people who are in law enforcement responsible for saving people’s lives who feel unworthy and unlovable. Clients will often ask me what is going wrong in their life. What is going on in the world that is making them feel so bad? What I see is always the same. There is nothing going wrong in the outside world what is wrong is inside themselves.

In order to feel like we are intended to feel as magical, spiritual beings we have to let go of the belief that being spiritual is a heroic act. If we read some books and take some courses we will have a spiritual life. It doesn’t work like that. We don’t have to learn how to become spiritual. We already are.

We have lost touch with who we really are. We are incredible spiritual beings. Children of God and we don’t know it, so we suffer under the illusion that something about us is not acceptable, not good.

It’s not what you do that makes your worth, rather, just the fact we exist is a miracle. This requires a real reversal in our thinking. We must get rid of the false impression we have acquired in our journey that has been imprinted on our soul causing us to shut down, defend and push the world away.

We have divine rights and commitments from the Universe that we are here to claim but in order to do this we have to reclaim our truth and understanding of our divine heritage.

The first commitment is that you have a right to have whatever you need to be your divine creative self. You have a right to ask for what you need and expect the Universe to meet you half way to provide what you need.

It is your right to have what feeds your physical experience and the right to have what feeds your heart. What stimulates your imagination, what challenges your mind, you have a right to that and you are here to take and claim that right.

You are on the earth to feel and you have a right to feel all your emotions and not determine some of them to be bad and some good. To feel the full range of who you are, the shadows and the storms as well as the rainy days and the rainbows. You have a right to feel and without feeling you cannot fully experience your spirit.

You have a right to choose. This is an important commitment the Universe endows you with. You have the right to decide what works for you. What serves your truth and supports who you are. You have the right to choose your own path.

You have the right to give and receive love. You don’t have to earn love, work for it, or prove yourself. By virtue of being the divine spirit you are it is your right. You have the right to speak your truth. You have the right to blow the wind of your spirit into the world and announce who you are

You have the right to say what is right for you even if everything in front of you resonates differently. You have the right to see beauty in the world. To see all as organized to support your fullest expression.

You also have the right to see the truth; to look in and see beyond what is physical, to look into and see what it real and authentic. You have the right know God personally, talk to God personally and have God talk to you personally as well. This is why we are here, to reclaim our divine rights and step back into harmony with our spirit.

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