Claiming Your Divine Rights

claiming-your-divine-rightsWhat has motivated me more than anything to do spiritual work for the past 25 years is the beautiful, creative, and divine beings that I work with every day. People who are incredibly gifted, lovely, powerful, and precious but unfortunately every one of them at some point has become self rejecting, self denigrating, and feels unworthy. Something has gone terribly wrong along the way in their coming to understand who they are and that all of us have rights and commitments from the Universe that we are here to claim.

The first right the Universe gives you is the right to have whatever you need in order to be happy, whole and complete. You have the right to receive whatever you need and ask for it freely, with abandon and without self-consciousness. You are here to take back that right.

Your second right is to have what you need in order to feed your physical experience and the what feeds your heart. Whatever stimulates your imagination and challenges your mind, you have a right to.

You have the right to feel all of your emotions and not determine some of them to be good and others bad; to feel the whole range of who you really are; to feel the shadows and the storms as well the rainy days and the rainbows. You have a right to fully experience your spirit.

The third commitment the Universe make with you is the right to decide what works for you; what serves your truth; what will support who you are as a spiritual being having a human experience. You have the right to choose your path.

Your fourth divine right is to give and receive love. Honor this right because it is yours. You don’t have to earn love, work for it or prove yourself. Just by being the divine and magnificent spirit that you are gives you that right.

Your fourth divine right is to speak your truth. You have the right to blow the wind of your spirit into the world and announce who you are. You have the right to say what is right for you even if everything in front of you resonates differently. You have the right to see the beauty in the world and see that everything is organized to support your fullest expression. Look at the world and see what is beyond the physical and see what is real and authentic.

Your fifth and most important commitment the Universe makes to you is having the right to know God personally. You have the right to Divine love. You have the right to talk to God personally and have God talk to you.

This is why we are here on this earth having this human experience; to reclaim our divine rights and to step back into wholeness with the Universe.

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