Creating The Conditions For Better Family Relationships

Creating The Conditions For Better Family RelationshipsA garden grows best under certain conditions, the right soil, sun light, and water. The same principle is applicable for a family as well. They need certain emotional climates to thrive. Unfortunately, only a few people put a lot of thought into this and their relationships suffer for it.

I have thought about this a lot because I know how important family is. The importance of showing your spouse and children how much you love them. Teaching them that life is not an emergency. Slow down and treasure each moment.

For example, you might set a calm climate in your home, but it doesn’t mean it’s always calm. When you have an intention it’s interesting how everyone in the family will continuously make adjustments towards the intention. Every family member knows the intention, so when one family member gets a little crazy, disruptive or cranky, someone in the family will say give Mom or Dad some space.

Maybe your family intention is to do more things together. Some families want a more competitive environment in bringing out the competitive spirit in their children.  Intention is a very powerful tool because it creates a climate in your household that is just right for the whole family.

Unfortunately, what I noticed too often is that most families seem to be in a constant high – speed mode. There’s never enough time. People are trying to juggle so many things, and rushing out the door. Always complaining that they don’t have enough time, and most of it is self-induced.

For example, parents often allow their children to get into too many activities, like sports, social events, plays, and homework assignments. People fill up their schedules, calendars and rarely say no to anything. Being so busy creates the need to rush around, feel hurried, pressured and when a parent does this, he or she is setting an example for the children that life is a mad rush or a race.

When I’m driving I notice people are always in a hurry, even with their children in the car. They are weaving in and out of lanes dangerously, trying to get to their destination as fast as they can. I see them giving other drivers dirty looks and gestures because they aren’t moving fast enough. People are angry.

If you have kids in the car with you, take a look at the example you are setting for them. If life isn’t exactly the way you want, it’s alright to be upset and angry at another person. This is not the example you should be setting for your children.

I see the same thing in a grocery store. The check-out clerk is not moving fast enough or if someone cuts in front of another person and they get upset. Their ego takes over and tells them that everyone should accommodate their needs. So many people respond out of anger and frustration. No one likes to be treated like that, to be yelled at, accused or lectured. People usually don’t respond well to this.

The only way to resolve family conflicts is to do it with positive feelings. Speak to family members from your heart space the way you would like to be spoken to. Establish rapport before you speak. Talk to your family members with respect. Most of all be a good listener.

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