Creating Financial Abundance

creating-financial-abundanceMost people want to create financial freedom and security but they feel like they are on a treadmill simply chasing it but never getting there. The number one obstacle to people achieving financial independence is worry. Worry is everywhere you look, and there is fine line as most people will acknowledge between success and failure; between getting what you want and not getting what you want; between winning and losing. If you look carefully, you’ll often see the difference between where you are and where you want to be is worry.

People worry about so many different things, taking risks, change, making mistakes looking bad, stepping out of their comfort zones and the list goes on and on. Most of the time if you dismantle worry or at least acknowledge that worry is getting in your way, you’ll find all of a sudden a positive transformation takes place.

Worry in reality is fear. It’s a distraction and often encompasses your entire life. Worry also affects the people around you. When you’re worried you may be able to hide it physically but people can feel the negative scattered energy coming from you and it’s a very distracting influence.

Worry is rarely, if ever a good thing.  Worry is a distraction that keeps you stuck where you are. It keeps you from seeing possibilities that are open to you; it keeps from taking appropriate risks and most of all it keeps you from connecting with your spirit.

I’ve never put a lot of emphasis on money. I look at it as a by-product of providing a useful service to others that will help make their life better. Most people I’ve met that have made a lot of money feel that more is always better and there’s never enough no matter how much they get. In fact in a June, 2010 article in Fortune Magazine a study found that about 90 percent of the millionaires in the country feel the need to keep raising their income as they make more money because their standard of living goes up. What this does is it causes more stress because now these people have to keep it up at a higher level.

If you want to create financial abundance it’s really important to look at money in a healthy way.

I advise my clients that if you’re stressed about money, stop thinking about it until you are in good mood. By this I mean don’t think about money unless you’re feeling secure, peaceful, and have your bearings. Take the time to mediate and relax.  When you’re in a relaxed state of mind and feeling good then you are more creative, you can look at things realistically and see the big picture. You’re able to listen to and follow your intuition. You cannot do this when you’re in the lower ego state of mind.

If you’re worried and feel insecure about you’re your career and money, step back and stop taking your thoughts, ideas and assumptions about life so seriously.

Another way to attract wealth and abundance in your life is to surround yourself with people are spiritual, open-minded and successful. Ask their advice, learn from them. Find out how they live a life of abundance. Most people will be happy to help you if you just ask.

I am constantly talking to people about how they do things; how they create abundance and manifest the things they want in their life.

If you want to create something in your life you have to know when to let go. Decide what you really want in your heart. Program your subconscious mind with the right affirmations. Make your plan to achieve it and work that plan. Once you’ve done your 50 percent you have to let go and allow the Universe to take over creating financial abundance for you.

This is very hard for most people to do, to give up control but the Universe knows what you want and if you’ve done your part it will finish the job and bring it to you. It may not come in the exact time and manner that you planned but it will be much better than anything you could have accomplished on your own.

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