Creating Passion For Your Work

passion-for-workWith all the changes in today’s economy many people are finding themselves in jobs that they are not happy with, that they are overqualified for and are not even remotely related to their career. So what is the answer if you’re working in a job that you don’t like but have to work at to make ends meet?

What happens to most people in these types of situations is that they end up constantly focusing on what they don’t like in their job.

At first it seems kind of innocent. For example, you focus on a demanding boss, or on the company bureaucracy, or the politics at work, and other elements that you don’t like. Pretty soon you’re focusing and talking about only those things in your job you don’t like. You’re complaining to your spouse, your friends and it becomes the focus of your attention.

You are slowly replacing the enthusiasm and passion that you have in your life and in your work with negativity. At this point your mind becomes preoccupied with all these things that bother you and all the things that you don’t like about your work.

People end up focusing on one aspect in their job and blow it up out of proportion and then they’ll focus on it. Consequently they’ll lose their passion and focus only on what they don’t like about their work.

The best way to stop this downward spiral of negativity is to focus on the positive. You don’t have to pretend that everything you do in your job is wonderful, but instead just focus on the parts that are. If you want to get your passion back into you work then, stop complaining and focus your attention on the parts of the job that you do like.

No one likes everything about their job but if you start focusing on the parts of your job that you like, you’ll find yourself getting more enthusiastic about your day-to-day experience. Over time this can build back up into a very passionate experience about your job.

Another problem people encounter at work is stress and specifically meeting deadlines. Deadlines are a fact of life. I’m often under tight deadlines, but what I have come to realize is that when you’re on a tight deadline, that’s all it is. You can complain about it, you can commiserate with others; you can blow it out of proportion; and make a big deal about or you can simply get to work and get it over with.

This may sound simple but it’s most effective way I have found to deal with deadlines. A deadline is what it is, you’ve got to get the work done and it’s up to you how you frame that within your mind.

Most people practice what’s called analytical thinking. In this type of thinking you are weighing your options, comparing your job to a co-worker’s position, and you’re analyzing your past. The problem here is that you are totally in your ego mind and the more you think the more uptight and frustrated you become.

You need to be in a state of flow, where you quiet your mind down and ask the Universe for help. For example, if what to change jobs or have a more fulfilling career, say to the Universe “I’d like to discover what options I have that are different than what I’m doing now. What hidden talents or what changes could I make in my career that would enhance the quality of my life or the direction of my career?”

When you just ask a simple question to the Universe and then let go of it, you clear your mind and allow yourself to be in the flow. You’ll be amazed at the answers that will come to you. That is the essence of being in the flow. You’re fresh with new ideas that can change the direction of your career and in turn creating passion for your work.

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