Cultivating Your Sense Of Humor

sense-of-humorSuccess in life is a journey and not a destination. We’re going to spend a lot more time on our journey than we’re going to spend at our destination. We have life energy, mental, physical and emotional and how we focus that energy will determine how successful we are in our journey.

Have you noticed that life in the twenty first century is keeps getting faster and the pace of life is accelerating? One of the things you must have in this fast paced world is a good sense of humor. You have to laugh a lot. As a matter of fact, when you laugh, you produce endorphins in your body, which make you feel better about yourself.

Do you laugh every day? Psychology studies have shown that a good three minute laugh is worth 20 minutes of exercise. It is magical. What laughter does is increase your immune balance. It makes your immune system stronger by increasing the antibodies that fight off viruses, even cancer cells, for more than 36 hours after a hard laugh.

I think we take ourselves too seriously. To live a happy and fulfilling life you must have a great sense of humor. You’re going to have to laugh at situations because, let’s face it; there will be a lot of things you cannot change. You’ll have to work with a lot of people who are difficult to work with. You’ll have to deal with those people on a regular basis. So we want to stop taking ourselves so seriously and laugh a little bit more. We need to create an environment that allows us to live in a state of wonder and have an attitude that life is an adventure.

Humor means to be fluid and flexible like water and that is indeed what humor is. It’s about being flexible so you don’t get broken by difficulties you’re confronted with, so that your creative mind stays open, so you can still come up with solutions even in difficult situations.

You can’t always control what happens to you but you can control how you chose to look at things. When you develop a sense of humor it gives you a different perspective on things. You have a remarkable capacity to control how you chose to look at things.

Here’s an exercise I give to many of my clients; for the next 30 days I want you to tell a joke every day. It doesn’t have to be different joke every day, you can tell the same joke every day to a different person. The reason I say 30 days is because it takes that long to create enough energy within yourself so that you will establish this new pattern in your system.

Start off your morning by reading a funny story or watching a funny video. Start watching funny movies. Begin to laugh as much as possible. Watch things that make you laugh. Do things that make you laugh and most of all surround yourself with people who have a good sense of humor. The more you laugh the more creative you’ll become, the more creative you’ll be in problem solving and the better your attitude will be in life.

Success in life is 80 percent attitude and 20 percent aptitude. You can learn anything but have you ever noticed how much more you lean when you’re in a good mood? Have you ever noticed that when you’re in a good mood, when you feel good about yourself, stress doesn’t bother you? When we’re feeling absolutely outrageous and fantastic we’re extremely creative, we’re good negotiators, we’re good managers, we’re good parents and better spouses. We do things better when we have an attitude adjustment time.

Laughter is contagious but remember there is a powerful universal law that says, “Like attracts like.” What we give out into the universe is mirrored back to us. If you want people around you to be positive and have a sense of humor you have to cultivate yours first.

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