How Divination Works and What It Can and Cannot Tell You

How Dvination WorksDivination is the art of predicting future events or discovering hidden knowledge using a variety of techniques, such as prophecy and intuition.
Pulling back the curtain to possible future events is just as popular today as it has ever been. We all have questions about our lives. People want to know more about their future. Their careers love life, families, health, money and it goes on and on. We all have problems and concerns and want information about things that could happen in our lives.

There are many types of divination. Some are thousands of years old, while others have been developed fairly recently. It’s important to come into it with an open mind to practices that have existed throughout human civilization.

For example, some popular forms of divination are oracle card, astrology, palmistry, numerology, pendulums, rune stones, I ching coins, and there are many more. The key is to find the ones that work for you. The ones that you are most comfortable with.

If you currently use different types of divination, it is always helpful to learn a technique that you’re not familiar with and use them in combinations. You might find a technique that works better for you then you are using right now.

For example; I know a low of palm readers that include numerology in their readings. This enables them to be more specific when working out the timing of future events.

Even if you don’t plan to do intuitive readings for people; I hope you’ll enjoy learning about the different methods people use when attempting to part the veil and glimpse into the future
The word Divination comes from the Latin word “divinair” which means “inspired by God” and Divinus which means “the divine.” This shows that thousands of years ago divination was concerned with determining the will of God or Gods.

Divination is the art of looking into a particular situation from a different point of view; enabling you to examine a number of potential outcomes that you may or may not have thought of before.

It’s important to always start with a question. You or the other person is looking for an answer to a question. For example, a question could be, “Will I be happy?” or “Will this girl go out with me if I ask her on a date?” or “Should I ask my boss for a raise?” “Will I come into money or hit the lottery?”

Many people believe that divination reveals their destiny. This is not true. Divination simply pulls back the curtain to give people a glimpse into their future possibilities and life paths. It will show you what is ahead if you follow the path that you are on currently. It will also give you directions to change your current path.

Always remember, the future is not fixed; we all have free will. Everything you think and do has the potential to change your future but not necessarily immediately.
For example, during a reading, you are told something that does not make sense in the present but in a week or two or month, you may start to see it happening in your life.

All divinations are the same in this aspect, the divination tool that you use is simply a conduit from you to your higher self. Not some magical tool. it is simply a method you use to help you get guidance from your spirit or spirit guides or their loved ones who have transitioned over to the other side.
Divination takes practice. You cannot just dabble in it and read some book, but once you are versed in a particular type it is incredibly accurate. If it was not accurate it would have been discarded and forgotten about many years ago. but a number of factors affect its outcome.
Sometimes you won’t get an answer, but that doesn’t mean “NO” it just means the situation is in a state of flux. Let it settle and come back to it again later.

Divinations fail because you can only see what will happen if you stay on your current path. Everything in the universe is simply energy in motion and divinations are an accurate method of reading the movement of energy. Divinations will give you direction. It will point out possibilities and probabilities but, always remember you have free will and the power to change your future.

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