Experiencing The Bliss of Oneness

One- With- The- UniverseThink of all the lives you have affected in this one lifetime. Your actions have had countless affects on others that you didn’t intend and probably don’t know about. In more ways than you can count this would not be the same world if you were not in it.

Before you were born a chain of events had to have happened for you to be here. For example, if your parents had not met you would not be in this world. The same is true for your grandparents and great grandparents a whole chain of single purpose events had to take place leading to your conception. The chain stretches back through generations to the dawn of human history. More people than you could ever count had to have acted or not acted so that you could have been born and if one them had acted differently you would not be you.

You experience life as a movie in which you are the lead character. See the other people in your life; your family, friends, coworkers and even the people you don’t like as supporting characters. Other people play smaller parts, for example the waitress who serves you at a restaurant and the person who delivers your mail have all helped make your life what it is by providing the props, sets and costumes.

There are scenes that have been edited out but all those non-actions were necessary to your destiny. At the same time you’re playing the lead role in your own movie, you are also playing a role in the movie of all those other people as well.

Everyone is the star of their own movie while at the same time appearing in thousands of other movies and no one misses a “Q”. The world is the greatest screen play imaginable and you are simultaneously writing, appearing in it and watching it. We all have a part; we are all interconnected.

Consider the clothes you are wearing right now, someone, somewhere in the world wove the fabric for your shirt or blouse, another person made the buttons on it and another person sowed the buttons on it. All of these people have an effect on your life whether you realize it or not. These people are out there having an effect on your life even if you’ve never met them. The world is an infinite web of connections that links each person to every other person in some way.

Imagine the world as a net woven out of a single strand of string and each human life is a knot in that net. No matter how far apart they may appear each knot is connected to every other knot. They are all woven from the same string. If you were to cut one, eventually the entire net would unravel. You depend on every other knot and every other knot depends on you.

In the same way, the dimension of time extends infinitely into the past and future from the center which is your present moment. You are the center of the Universe. If that center is you, what about all the other people in the world? They are the center of the Universe too. You are what they are and they are what you are. We are all together at the center.

This is oneness, the unified source of all there is that is the foundation of everything. When you understand this you will be in a state of total acceptance, full of love, peace and joy. You will be one with the Universe. Past, present and future are one. Events are timeless and boundless. These events are very rare and very few experience them.

When you understand that you are one with yourself, one with others, one with the Universe, then you create the experience of enlightenment. You experience the bliss of oneness.

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