Finding Peace In A Changing World

Calm In ChaosThe rate of change today is unprecedented on the history of the planet. Technological advances are happening to such a degree that college students are being trained in technology that doesn’t even exist yet and by the time they graduate the technology that they are being trained in will already be on the verge of being out of date.

New products are being introduced into the market so fast that their average life span is only two to three years if that. When we buy a new computer it’s out of date in about a year compared to the new ones coming on the market. And these are just a few of the advances on the edge of technology at this moment.

Change is happening at such a speed that the one thing people can count on today is change. With all this lightening fast change going on around us everyday many people are fixed in trying to keep things as they have always been; fixed in the status quo and these people are definitely going to be challenged in every way.

We are seeing these challenges happening to organized religion. For example, I’ve spent a lot of time in the East developing relationships with people of the Muslim faith and there is evidence that the terrorists attacks that happened on 9/11 were in some part spurred on by a state of fear caused by change.

The cultures that came from the Middle East have lived a Nomadic lifestyle for thousands of years with little change and without modern society coming into challenge it. As modern society begins to open and young children all over the world start using the internet and gaining new knowledge and discovering a world of possibilities people feel that their culture is challenged and about to die.

People of deep religious faith could feel that God has inspired them to want to kill anything that is challenging their belief culture and way of life that has been passed down from generation to generation.

It’s all about change that is happening to all of us, not just in the eastern part of the world but in the west as well. This massive rate of change is hitting all of us and there are some questions you should be asking; how fixed are you? How much do you really know about who you are? How willing are you to live in a state of mystery instead of thinking you have all the answers?

Most people live in a state of ego; they think they know who they are and where they are going. I think life is much more fun and enjoyable to live in a spiritual state of wonder where you know that you are spiritual being having a human experience. You want to experiment, wonder and be surprised by the Universe every day. You have fun and enjoy what comes next; you discover, see and feel. You travel outside of your ego based beliefs and float through the Universe.

Most of us box ourselves in an ego based life that we have created but how many times have you driven some place and not even known how you got there? We are in the world but not of it. This internal world that most of us have devised has very little to do with reality. The reality is that we live in a mystery.

If we are going to live our life to the fullest we have to learn to open up and experience the present moment just as it is without all the past experiences and drama. Live in the present moment with awe and wonder.

For example, why aren’t more people in awe when they walk outside in the morning and experience nature; when they see the clouds in the sky, the grass, the trees and beautiful flowers; why do so many of us take these miracles for granted?  It’s because we’ve locked ourselves in our ego, our daily routines and we take life for granted.

The only way we can find peace in a changing world, live life to the fullest and enjoy all the richness life has to offer is to get back to that state of childlike awe we were born with so we can reconnect to our spirit.

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