Finding The True Meaning Of Our Existence

Finding The True Meaning of our ExistanceThe world is changing in ways that we never expected and have really been prepared for. With the chaos of our outer world, it is more important than ever that we find the deepest truths of our existence.

The ability to harness and master the extraordinary potential of the truths of our inner world and our relationship to it is something that is only given to humans. No other form of life that we are aware of has the potential that humans have. We tap into this potential through our biology and emotions.

It is our ability to expand and change our mind that makes us separate from any other being on the planet. Our mind gives us the ability to approach and expand things in different ways so that we can access and master our inner self.

One of the most important questions facing us right now is, how do we bring ourselves back to a scared relationship?

New discoveries in the realms of molecular biology are now telling us that things are not what we have been taught about the past from our ancestors and teachers. There is so much more to our existence than we have ever imagined.

Unfortunately, these discoveries are simply not trickling down into the mainstream. We are not finding them in our schools and textbooks or the media.

For example; let’s look at evolution. Fossil records prove the existence of different species and at what time period they inhabited the earth.  Where evolution breaks down and stops is when it comes to humans.

Something happened in our DNA and genetics during a very brief but precise period of time, about two hundred thousand years ago that gave us our humanity.

Science has shown us that there was a single gene that was tweaked in Chromosome 2 that gave us the neocortex of the brain. It is the neocortex that gives us the emotions of empathy, sympathy, passion, and the ability to self-regulate. The neocortex gives us the ability to meditate, achieve altered states of consciousness, higher states of healing, and tap into our intuition.

All of these abilities are based on self-regulation and they were all made possible because of something that happened two hundred thousand years ago that helped our existence further evolve.

Most scientists today, tell us that evolution is not the story. Evolution can only go so far, and it has led to what is called “forbidden territory.” I love this because it is where there is intervention from the other side. This is where it all comes together, God, the spiritual world, the Universe, and Divine intelligence.

What this tells us is that something very intentional has led to our existence. We were designed to have the experience that we are intended to have on this earth. There are soul lessons that we are meant to learn in order for us to grow and live healthier lives. So that we can thrive in these times of chaos and extremes. We are able to do this because we can regulate our inner biology.

For me the evidence no longer supports that old story, so, it’s time for a new story. That is what we are all doing. Writing a new powerful, beautiful human story of hope; possibility, love, and self-regulation. This is where our existence is right now in human history.

Two hundred thousand years ago with the development of the neocortex, the brain doubled in size. Nature began to search for consciousness and spirituality. What is really interesting is that since this change two hundred thousand years ago, humans have not changed. This is not Darwin’s idea of evolution.

Every culture has its own beliefs about what happened, and no one really knows. As science begins to let go of things that are no longer supported by the evidence. It frees them from saying this is black and white because they don’t know. All we can do is to follow the evidence we do have. This is our path, this is the way and it’s working.

Science is finding that there is a Divine Intelligence that tweaked very specific places in our DNA; such as Chromosome 2 and Chromosome 7. It is Chromosome 7 that gives us complex speech.

We share 98% of our DNA with chimpanzees and apes but they can’t sing a song and we can. The reason they can’t sing is there was a very precise shift in our chromosome number 7, two hundred years ago. This did not happen to any other form of life except for humans.

When you bring all of these building blocks together this is the new human story of our existence. This is what we are experiencing today.



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