Finding Your Place Of Truth Within

finding-your-place-of-truth-withinConnecting with your spirit is like using the telephone. You are tuning into a higher frequency, the subtle realms where you can’t see your spirit but you communicate through vibration. This is your mode of connecting with your spirit. It is your telephone to the spirit guides and the subtle realms. Spirit communicates from your heart space. When you go up to your intellect you disconnect from your spirit.

It’s important that you are always aware if you are truly speaking from your spirit or if you have drifted back to your ego. Be aware of what is going on with you in the present moment. You need to be aware and honest with things like where you are in your growth, what you are struggling with and what you are seeking. This is where your guides will connect.

Spirit guides will connect at the place of your truth. There is always a place in you asking for change or shift because something is not working. Unless you connect with your authentic truth you will miss the guidance because that is the place where the guides come to speak to you.

The purpose of spirit guides is to help you with your struggles and identify where you might be causing pain for others. How is your energy affecting others around you? The guides will work with you at the point of authentic reflection and willingness to be guided to something new.

You cannot receive guidance unless you are receptive and open enough to admit things in your life aren’t working for you.  You have to be willing to learn something new. Have your awareness be brought to something new.

Your spirit guides work to assist you in the most genuine realms of personal growth of your soul. How deep do you dig? Do you ignore your own issues or are you willing to honestly look at what is going on in your life?

Guidance comes by your awakening and not by trying to force it or hide from the truth. You have to be authentic and face the issues you are having. Most people are Hubris which means excessive pride in the face of the Gods. They live in their ego and don’t feel they need guidance. If they happen to get guidance they question it. This is our greatest sin and hurts us the most. To get guidance you have to humble the part of you that looks into the face of the divine and just ignores it.

Guidance is always present but you have to be able to recognize it. Your spirit is always trying to support and surprise you. Bringing more of you forward. You have to learn to recognize it because guidance comes from all areas. Guides use nature, other people, they even use the internet. They will use anything to get your attention.

Remember you feel guidance through the heart. Not through words.  This is why being aware in the present moment is so important when communicating with your guides. You have to train your awareness to listen at a higher frequency than you are used to.

You must learn to be guidable and flexible. Most people only want to hear what they want to hear. Your guides are here to help you but you have to stop talking and trying to control life the way you think it should be. Remember, your inner critic will always interrupt and say, “That’s not true I’m just imagining this.” Understand, this is where the spirit guides come though; the imagination.

Everything counts. Everything is a message. Your spirit guides are trying to come through and help but you have to open the door.

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