Fulfilling Your Desire Nature

fulfilling-your-desire-natureWe all have inspiration and imagination but unfortunately many of us have trouble figuring out what it is that we really want in life. Once we figure out what it is we want, what it is that we desire it sets the engine into motion to create.

Our desire nature is the catalyst for invention and it is what makes human beings the geniuses that they are. When we get in touch with our desire nature we tend to move towards our desire to fulfill it. This is what is behind all creative expression.

You might get a strong feeling such as, “I have a desire and I’m going to find a way to make it happen.” It’s about getting your hands, heart and energy into life and inventing what it is that your spirit wants to experience. What your emotions want to express.

Behind every inventor, every creator and every invention is a burning desire to make it happen. Think about your own inventions, your own desires. Think about those things in life you really wanted to experience and create for yourself. How did you create them?

For example there was a point in my life when I knew I wanted to experience world travel. I wanted to see the world and get out there. I had read too many books and travel magazines I was not going to be a bystander. I wanted to get out there and experience the world first hand.

The way I manifested it was to work for a travel agency that required its agent’s to visit international destinations before booking them for a customer. This enabled me to visit 33 countries. I wanted to not just read about the good times, I wanted to experience them. I wanted to be in the markets of Egypt. I wanted to see the architecture of Paris. I wanted to ride down the Thames River in London. This is how my desires motivated me.

We all have places in our lives where our desires have kicked in. Maybe it has to do with how you feel physically. You might manifest yourself physically as a work of art.  Maybe you are beautiful. It might be the environment you’ve created in your home, what kind of place you live in?

Really reflect on what you desire. Maybe you reflect your desire in the work you do. You might really love your job and it fulfills your vitality. It might be satisfying and emotionally nurturing to you. Maybe your desire is in your love life.  You might have a wild and magnetic love life. Maybe you have a fabulous romance going on.

We all have had our desires manifest somewhere in our life because it is what makes us get up, get going and want to put our hands, feelings and full sensations into life. It’s the part of us that wants to roll around and experience all that life has to offer. Instead of just looking on and watching it go by for others.

The best way to enter into and learn about your desires is to look at those parts of your own experiences where they worked out beautifully, where they fulfilled you completely. What have you experienced that has given you a profound sense of satisfaction; that has been comforting, sensual and satisfying? It has really filled you up with a sense of “life is good.” When you feel this you are fulfilling your desire nature.

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