The Benefits Of Getting Back To Being Whole

getting-back-to-being-wholeThe key to becoming whole is to have a mindset of curiosity and wonder. Be open-minded and interested in who you are and how you respond to the world around you. What do you need to be curious and be able to respond to the world around you in the best possible way?

First have to take care of your spirit and know that moving back towards wholeness in your life is not only possible, it can actually be fun. It is an art. Something you can do that can add a dimension of grace and style to your life.

You need to live in the present moment and love yourself enough to notice what’s going on around you and take care of it in the moment instead of when it’s too late. You have to show up for you.

The more you take care of yourself the more you become a healer in the world. You become the one who is at ease, relaxed and openhearted. You become creative, generous and can actually uplift the vibration of those around you.

Everything starts with your own desire to feel better and enjoy life.  You have to be truly ready to give up your struggles, frustrations and feeling dissatisfied with life.  Be curious about what life would feel like if everything was going well. It doesn’t require time as much as attention. It doesn’t require effort as much as interest. If you have attention and interest in being the best you can be you can transform your life very quickly.

When you are whole you feel physically nurtured on a basic fundamental level. Your sense of connecting with others will start to be easier. You will start to feel the world around you as friendlier. You will begin to feel in your heart that you belong, that you are important and that you are worthwhile. You will feel that the love you give to others is important and what you give to others makes a positive difference.

When you are whole you know that you can change things. You’ll begin to establish relationships that feed your spirit and your sense of making a contribution in this world will really open up. You will begin to heal those people around you.

Being whole means you are part of the solution to the world’s problems instead of struggling in the problems of it. Even if you are not completely whole, just moving in that direction will raise your energy level and give you a sense that you are in the flow of things.

The best way to become whole is to give yourself as many opportunities for support as possible such as daily meditation so that you can get in touch with your spirit and actually experience what it feels like to be whole. Another technique you can use is to say positive daily affirmations until it pulls your energy back into alignment. You can also set aside ten minutes each day to sing and dance in order to move energy and experience what being in alignment feels like.

The most profound gift you can offer the world is to be happy and whole. When you feel happy and whole you become a light bearer in the world. You are part of the healing in the world. Part of what is right with the world instead of what is wrong.

Imagine if everyone started to move in the direction of being whole. What we could do collectively one person at a time. It is a spiritual undertaking as much as it a personal one. The happier and more whole you are the more healing and profoundly contributing you will be to the world.

On a spiritual level if every one of us would decide that it is important that we feel better and take care of ourselves then we can create a fabulous future for us individually, but also for our children and for those around us.

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