Healing Old Wounds and Resentments

healing-old-wounds-and-resentmentsThe energy of resentment and anger can be one of most serious distractions to your awareness. So many people carry around old wounds and resentments in their lives that prevent them from being focused and aware in the moment. These might be childhood resentments, relationship resentments and even resentments you hold toward yourself.

Here is an exercise that I do myself and have taught to many of my clients that can help you clear away this kind of distraction and raise your consciousness to a higher level that is healing, harmonious and connected to your higher self.

Make a list of all of your old hurts, wounds and resentments. Write down every single person or event you can recall where you feel you have been mistreated or treated unfairly.

When you make this list don’t focus strictly on people. Maybe you’re resentful about your body or the family you’ve had, or your job or about the way your love life has gone? The important point is to recall everything that makes you angry, upset or makes you feel wounded. Every injustice you can think of that you carry with you, write it down.

After you’ve created your list take some time to reflect on how the list makes you feel. Think about every one of those wounds like a sack of rocks that you carry on your back. For every wound you carry your energy is required. How much of your energy is being invested in that sack of rocks on you back? How conscious are you going to be about the path ahead of you?

If you’re ready to let go of that sack of rocks and lighten your load you have to learn to forgive unconditionally.

Recall your first wounding. For example, maybe you had and alcoholic parent. In this case you would close your eyes and imagine your alcoholic parent and out load say “I forgive you.” See if you can forgive them for being who they are, for having injured you.

Now imagine you are talking to the person. Ask what he or she was here to teach you? What did you learn? In this visualization be quiet and listen, the person you are visualizing will tell you. Perhaps your alcoholic parent taught you resourcefulness and creativity. Or perhaps you have a handicap and the person came to teach you concentration or courage or to rise above appearances.

If you do this exercise in a quiet contemplative mode every one of these injuries will speak to you and when you hear from your inner voice what the person brought to you it will become much easier for you to forgive them and let that particular rock in you sack be released.

When you do this exercise it’s important to be gentle and don’t forget to include yourself on your list. Is there anything you need to forgive yourself for?

You might need to do this exercise several times. My clients have found this exercise to be very cathartic, surprising and healing. I encourage you to do this exercise as many times as necessary with patience and love.

Many people believe that intuition is being able to read future events and though it is possible for a well trained intuitive to perceive events in motion it is also about being able to perceive more accurately events in the moment. Intuition is learning the truth about things and getting the essence of things so you can make the best decisions.

The best way to do this is by practicing the art of acceptance which means taking a look at the circumstances in your life and accepting them. You allow them to be what they are. It doesn’t mean you condone them or you agree with them, it simply means you accept what is. For example, you accept your age, your parents, your history or education. Neutralize any other meaning you have invested in it. Just come to see it as a thread in the tapestry of your life. It is woven into who you are but it does not take away from the energy of your spirit.

Acceptance teaches you to look at the world neutrally. With neutrality you will see more clearly and more accurately. It will sharpen your awareness and help you follow the right course of action. It allows you to accept another person’s point of view by understanding that it’s not about you. It just is. You become more neutral and detached making it easier to make the right decisions and hear the direction from your spirit which will guide you in how to respond.

Forgiveness and acceptance are two ways to raise your consciousness and help you more accurately hear the voice of your spirit. To tune into the higher more delightful energy that will give you the guidance to get where you are going, to be who you want to be and to find the conditions that will support your intentions.

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