How To Unleash Your Imagination

unleash-your-imaginationAll intuitive work originates in the imagination. The imagination for many people has been discarded as not real. That is completely false. All genius originates in the imagination.

For example Steve Jobs changed the world’s communication. I have been in many parts of the world and I always see someone with an iPhone or an iPad. The genius to create these electronic devices came through the portal of the imagination which is where he lived.

People who work in the realm of genius experience divine guidance and miracles every day. We live in the world of imagination as our primary home. For a lot of people the imagination is something that has been dismissed, invalidated and trivialized. Yet it is the imagination that is the platform for all genius and inspiration to come through.

Think about what your concept of imagination is for you. Is it a place where you go to be enriched, is it a place where you turn to be inspired, get answers or is it something you were taught to dismiss, minimize or ignore?

I teach my students to think about imagination as the imaginable realm. Image comes from the word imaginable. In order to get guidance you first have to image it but necessarily visualize it.

Guidance is pure vibration. For example if you’re talking with someone on the phone you are imagining them there with you. The same is true when you are reading a book you are imagining it as you’re reading. The communication is given and it comes alive through your imagination.

If your imaging is weak you need to strengthen it. If you can’t imagine your spirit or your spirit guides they can’t connect with you. They are with you but at a different frequency then you are. When you learn to tune into the subtle realms you can feel your spirit guides just as you can feel someone when you are talking on the phone.

Think about when you were a child, most of us had many imaginary friends until an adult came along and told you that was not possible. These imaginary friends were feeding you, enriching your spirit, bringing you dialogue and information.

Think about your relationship to your own imagination. Is it a sterile landscape? If it is you will have to cultivate it. Make a daily practice of working with your imagination and feeding it.

For example, recently I was conducting a workshop at resort in Arizona, the morning of the event I was riding in the elevator with a woman and her two young children. They were both so excited about going swimming and playing miniature golf. I could feel the energy coming from them, the girl was already in the pool and the boy was already on the golf course. The exuberance they felt was imagination.

I share this example because Imagination does not come from the mind rather it is an emotional frequency that comes from the heart. You connect with your spirit from the heart space. We have been conditioned by society that only things coming from the mind are legitimate.

As with the example of the two young children, you need to go into the inner child in order to access your imagination. Be willing to go into the realm of the unknown.

Ask yourself, “When have I last visited that realm at this level?” Where you suspend all thought and ideas of what is possible. It suspends all thought to manage and intellectualize. Just allow yourself to be in it.

When you suspend your inner critic and go with no limitations you will have the kind of relationship with spirit that you long for.

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