How To Identify Relationship Warning Signs

How To Identify Relationship Warning SignsIn any relationship you need to pay attention to your intuition so that you can spot red flags and warning signs. We often enter into relationships and we are not really paying attention to our intuition when it comes to the person who we are relating with.

We are often given intuitive signals that something is not right, but we ignore the signs. For example, “my intuition is telling me that we have fallen out of integrity with one another. Or I am in relationship with this person but it’s not authentic. What I’m getting or hearing or seeing isn’t true.”

It’s not uncommon for us to get a lot of warning signs and just discard or ignore them. A warning sign doesn’t mean the relationship can’t work. It just means that when you get a gut feeling, a hunch or a subtle sense that what’s happening between you and your partner doesn’t feel authentic or true it’s very important for you to acknowledge it.

You first have to acknowledge the warning signs to yourself. Once you accept that what you are getting, then, if you feel that something is off, not resonating, or not true, you can be sure that you are being guided by your higher self.

Red Flags are guidance from your higher self. It’s important to acknowledge and follow them. You need to be honest, and say, “I don’t know why but I’m just not feeling that everything that is happening with us is true. I just have a feeling that something is off and I’m going to go with that feeling.”

Warning signs come up in all kinds of different ways, you may feel something in the moment. The person who you are in relationship with is talking to you and because you are clairaudient what you’re hearing, you know is not the truth.

You might feel it in your heart, that something is not grounded, not genuine. It might also get a feeling in your gut, you might feel that something isn’t quite right or safe. You might hear it in their voice.  You might feel it in the overall dynamic you’re in, and say, “I just don’t feel we are in a good place, something is off”

It’s important to acknowledge a red flag but don’t attack with it. For example, never say, “You’re lying, or that’s not true.” Just acknowledge it and say, “I’m feeling something and I’m wondering what it is? I’m really wondering, can you help me here? Will you share this with me?”

If your partner is really in commitment with you, they will step in and explore it. On the other hand, if you are in relationship with someone who says, “I don’t know what you’re talking about, you’re crazy.” Just pay attention to your energy. Pay attention to how much defense is going on. Just make a note of it.

Your Higher Self is always trying to bring the relationship back to integrity. When you get a warning flag, this is your higher self, trying to reconnect from a place of authenticity. You can say to the other person, “We need to relate from a place of authenticity and something is interrupting that, maybe it’s something I’m doing. Maybe it’s something we are doing. Maybe it’s something you don’t feel comfortable sharing, but I really want us to get back to a place of authenticity.”

If your partner isn’t meeting you there, then, you are going to have to make some choices. For example, you can ask them why they aren’t meeting you there but again not in an attacking way but say something like, ‘I’m disappointed you are not meeting me here is there something you’re afraid of that you’d like to share? Something I am doing that makes you feel unsafe for you to meet me there?”

This is another opportunity for you to open up the dialogue by saying, “What I’m feeling is not genuine” Be careful not to run with it so far that when you get a bad vibe you think it’s all or nothing. Remember, all red flags are invitations to come back to authentic communications. Something is not right, you need to come back to authentic relating.

How available are you to the truth? Are you willing to hear and let your partner be more authentic? Are you available to allowing your partner to say something that would be more revealing? Something that they feel unsafe to share? They feel unsafe to ask help with? This is very important to ask yourself.

When bringing this to your partner you might want to ease into the conversation by asking, “is there something I’m doing or is there some way I’m showing up that doesn’t allow you to be a little more comfortable to discuss this warning sign?”

Are you in denial? Are you the one who is not being transparent? Are you the one not being authentic? Are you the one hiding something in you? Hiding some need, some involvement, some type of activity? Always, remember, for every finger you point there are 4 pointing back at you.

See every warning sign as something very real. A genuine opportunity to grow. Starting with you. Acknowledge what you feel. Don’t hide it. Follow your intuition like a thread. If you have a bad vibe, if you have a discomfort of being warned; Close your eyes, get quiet and ask, “what is this feeling? Where in my body is coming from? In my heart, my gut, my forehead, in front of my face, behind me?”

To the best of your ability try to isolate where that energy is centered. Next ask, “What is this distress about?” Tune in and answer out loud. Put your hand on your heart because you want your heart to answer. For example, it’s about the conversation we had? Is it about the commitment we are about to make?” Then ask, “What am I doing to bring this about? What else does this mean?”

Keep following it like a thread asking yourself, “and what else?” For example, “it’s about our fighting” and what else?” If it’s about money, ask, “am I not spending it correctly?”

If you keep pulling the thread and keep asking “and what else is this about?” Letting yourself hear and speak but not react, just listening. You will get a pretty clear picture of what is not in authentic connection with your partner.

Then ask, “How can I be more responsible and loving to bring us back to harmony? What can I learn, what can I do; where can I be more responsible; where can I be more available; where can I be less oppressive to my partner, so we can have more authenticity in our relationship?”

If someone isn’t being true and authentic and available, they probably aren’t going to change if you keep letting it slide. When you are out of integrity with your own intuition and stay connected to someone who is not good for you it probably is not ever going to get better.

Heed the warning signals, be honest, let your heart speak, don’t be in denial. It’s real and it’s trying to take you to a higher level which is why you get these warning flags. Embrace them and be glad you are getting them. They are very essential to the kind of relationship you really want.



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