Identifying Intuitive Experiences

indentifying- Intuitive- experienceOne of the first questions I ask people whether in a private consultation or in a workshop is, “have you ever had an intuitive experience?” When I pose this question to people I’ll watch as they roll their eyes and reflect and tell me that they’ve had strange experiences but they’re not sure if it was actually intuition or not. For example, I will often hear something like, I hadn’t heard from an old friend or relative in a long time and I was thinking about them one day and suddenly I ran into them while I was at the store or they called.

People have these types of experiences all the time but they disqualify them because it seems radical or extreme to call them intuition. This is because people are not accustomed to or are not in the habit of calling their hunches or gut feelings intuition. Instead, many people call them coincidences or weird events but the truth is they are intuition.

When you have had an intuitive experience, the fact is you knew something that transcended your ordinary senses and came from a higher place that gave you guidance or direction. How do you know if you’ve had an intuitive experience?

Pay attention and notice the subtle inclinations. Most intuitive experiences will have a physical connotation with them. You will get an urge or a gut feeling or rumbling in your chest or a tightening of your throat or a nervous itch in your body that you have to do something, say something, shift something. You have to express some information that is coming through.

Whenever you feel those urges or instincts if you’ll put them out into the world you will see in a very short period of time that they were valid.

Intuition is very subtle. Don’t look for the direct, the radical or the outrageous. It’s in the subtle and simple information that your life can be changed. This is how you know if you’ve had an intuitive experience, you feel these subtle urges that don’t go away until you notice them and when you do you will feel satisfied.

In order to open yourself to intuition you have to first look at what has prevented you from having an intuitive experience. You may have blocks from the past or operating in the present that you need to eliminate to clear your pathway. Take an inventory of what blocks might be influencing you and once you have identified them you’ll be able to move quickly towards eliminating them from your pathway and identifying intuitive experiences.

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