The Incredible Healing Power Of Laughter

the-incredible-healing-power-of-laughterWhenever we feel out of sync, victimized, or things in our life are out of control we either withdraw from life or we amplify it by becoming bullies. One of the best ways to disengage from the illusion of feeling powerless is laughter.

Laughter snaps you out of the illusion of feeling powerless and puts you into what I call the witness position where you are no longer in the subjective and vulnerable mode. You start to look at yourself as detached.

If you can laugh at something you won’t be victimized by it. Begin to look at all of life with a sense of humor. Laughter is power. When you are afraid of something, laugh. It gives you a sense of perspective. When you laugh the world laughs with you.

Laugh at yourself. Laugh at everything. Always remember, a situation may be critical but it’s never serious. In order to have a happy and fulfilling life you need to learn how to play the fool. Be the first to laugh at yourself and look at the seriousness of your own vulnerabilities.

I teach my clients and the people who attend my workshops that whenever you experience drama go look in the mirror because what you’re are looking at looks pretty silly. The more wrenched and intense your face looks the more laughable it is.

Actively give yourself doses of humor every day whether it’s a funny show on television or a movie, you need to make it a habit. When you move into laughter it’s a great way to take in oxygen and breath is power. Laugher is an amplifier of the breath. It turns the oxygen in your lungs completely over and gives you a fresh blood supply.

The harder you laugh the more oxygen you have in your lungs. Laughter releases endorphins that have great healing power. There are many studies that show how empowering laughter is. If you’re feeling weak, vulnerable and out of control laughter is good way to bring yourself back into balance.

A funny movie, a silly book, a good joke and the ability to look at your own situation with a sense of humor will restore you back to balance very quickly.

One of the biggest benefits of a good laugh is that when we start laughing at a situation and seeing the silliness or the humor or the ridiculousness of our own human drama it reminds us instantly that there is a power greater than we are recognizing. .

It is this greater power that tells us that there is something bigger than all of us in the universe that is your highest form of balancing your life. By surrendering your own personal will over to God’s will you are actually taking your own power back.

The truth is something put that breath of life in you, something greater than you could ever control or imagine is keeping your heart beating. Something greater than you is behind the order and design of the entire universe and that power deemed you worthy to exist.

This greater power deemed you worthy to breathe, to be on earth and it is looking after you with incredible love and compassion. With care better than you could ever manufacture on your own.

The greatest form of personal power is to have the wisdom surrender your will to Divine will and let God’s power use you rather than you against the world. It is God flowing through you into the world. At this point you know that you are never alone.


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