Your Inner Wealth

Your-Inner WealthPeople operate on four different levels; another way of saying this is that humans have four different bodies.

Physically you have only one body; flesh, bones, blood and skin but you should always be aware that your physical body is affected by your emotional body. Your feelings, desires and emotions help make up your physical body and it is your thoughts and your mental body that control your emotional body.

Each of these three bodies has an energy that can perform in different ways. The mental body has the power of thought, which can be either positive or negative. The positive or negative process influences the way you feel at the emotional-body level.

The power of the emotional body is feeling and your feelings can perform in different ways. Your feelings will be good, bad or indifferent. How you feel at the emotional level will, in turn, affect your physical body. Your physical energy also can go in different directions. You will perform good and benevolent acts, you will perform bad acts or you will be somewhere in the middle.

Since you become what you think about most of the time it is important to understand that positive thoughts create good feelings and good actions. Negative thoughts create bad feelings and bad actions.

In addition we have our fourth body, which controls the mind, the emotions and the physical body. It is our inner wealth, a fourth power, which is the secret to a happy and fulfilling life.  It is a part of us that lies beyond. It doesn’t think; it just is. This fourth body level is the source from which we come, our higher self, our spirit which lies at the center of our being.

This energy, this power, this higher intelligence is perfect; it doesn’t make mistakes. This fourth body level is the key to fulfillment.  Unlock the door to this inner realm and open yourself up to the flow of your greatest gift intuition.

The fourfold nature of our human experience can be thought of as a square, where each side represents on the four bodies of our being. The sides are equal in length. Likewise, the four bodies of our being are equally important. The spiritual might appear to be the most important part of our human experience, but not so, because without the mental, emotional and physical, the spiritual would have no place to manifest. All four bodies are of equal value. The key to becoming whole is to get all four bodies to work together in harmony.

When you develop all four body powers, you leave off relying on just your emotional and physical body levels. You start to use all four in harmony. Then some very interesting changes take place:

First of all, instead of wanting to control other people, you will have a greater desire to love others. This love energy especially makes for better relationships.

Second, you will move away from a selfish desire to exploit others. As you enter the awareness of the higher body levels, you convert your desire to exploit into a want to serve others.

Third, your will start to be less concerned with competition. Instead, your direction in life will be toward cooperation.

Fourth, this sense of cooperation leads into the next stage, where you will automatically lose the urge to play the win-lose game. You will start to cooperate to the extent that everything you do will be based on win-win. You will want the person you do business with to profit as much as you do.

Fifth, you will be less interested in acquiring things for yourself and more concerned with giving.

Sixth, you will find that owning a lot of material possessions seems less important, and you will desire to share more of your wealth with others.

Seventh, you will become less concerned with your personal self and more focused on a universal self.

Eighth, as you become less concerned with your personal self, you become less self-centered and instead start to have a feeling of collective consciousness.

Ninth, now that you are more in tune with others, you will realize that whatever belief you might have about religion or politics is not necessarily the only belief system and that it is fine for people to have different beliefs. In fact, from now on, you will accept any and all belief systems.

Tenth, and last you will finally enter the realization of the great truth that we are all one. Oneness then becomes the ultimate experience.

Most people spend their time taking care of the needs of their first three natures, body, emotion and mind. It is easy to forget the importance of the fourth nature. What investments have you made lately for your inner wealth?

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