Know Your Spirit Guides

spirit_guidesWe all have a divine support system; they are your spiritual companions who come to you at birth and are working with you through your entire life to help you achieve all your desires in this lifetime. These companions are called your spirit guides and they are assigned to you by God at varying times to help you along your path in life.

You actually have an entire staff available to you and every one of these guides has a different function and purpose. As you become familiar with your guides you can invite them to participate in your life. They will support you and direct your attention to where it needs to go to achieve your intentions.

Your guides are:

Angels: They are connected to you at birth and they consist of your guardian angel, the archangels and the ministry of angels. Your angels are there to keep you safe and on your path. If you feel afraid or get into danger ask your angels to help you. They are always on the job. When you feel you need extra support know that your angels are there to help you; your angels are the only guides that can come to you without calling because they are there to protect you.

Nature Spirits: These guides are your earth spirits, water spirits, air spirits, and fire spirits. They are wonderfully therapeutic and can assist you with grounding, emotional healing, cleansing and mental clarification.

Animal: These are powerful spirit guides that can enhance your life by activating your creativity and intuition. They help return lost pieces of your soul and reconnect you to the natural world. Animal guides serve as symbols of fortitude and can be birds, wolves, or bears. If you want to know your animal guides just ask and they will reveal themselves in some type of sign.

Runners: Your runners can be earth spirits, fairies, or souls who have lived in great harmony with nature. They help connect you to things that you are looking for. They will find things for you that you lose or misplace. You can send them ahead on missions such as helping you find a new job, apartment or house. Your runners will connect your attention to whatever you are looking for.

Helpers: Your helpers come to you according to what you need help on. Call on your helper guides when you are stuck and need direction. They will provide you with insight and direction on specific projects and they change depending on what you need help with. They can assist in love, health, work, travel, and creativity.

Teachers: Your teacher guides stimulate your desire to grow spiritually. It is your teacher guides that encouraged you to read this article. They bring your attention to ways and means to grow in awareness of understanding you spiritual nature. These guides help you to overcome problems and often work behind the scenes and through other people to help you overcome limitations.

Healers: These guides help you how to stay well. They tell you to eat better and get more rest. They focus your attention on balance, wellness and direct you to the best physical healer for you. Healer guides will give you the inspiration to take care of yourself and direct your awareness to stay well.

Joy Guides: Your joy guides keep you laughing. When life gets overwhelming and you lose your perspective, when life is dark and you are overcome with despair call your joy guides they will amuse you and cause you to break into laughter for no reason. They will also get your attention by hiding things to put your awareness back in the present moment.

Your spirit guides will help you make good decisions and move you in the right direction but they won’t do the work for you nor will they interfere with your free will. They are there to provide you with guidance, insight and direction.

Your spirit guides want to help you but you have to ask. When asking your spirit guides to help you it’s very important that you are grounded and discriminating so that you attract and engage only high-vibration guides who will assist your life and not low-vibration, negative entities that only disturb and distort things and cause trouble.

Know that you are infinitely loved by the universe so much that you have an entire staff available to you in order to achieve your heart’s desire at any time. Guides are facets of your own soul. Part of your own divinity. They are different rays of the same source.

Never think you know everything. Always be willing to be surprised. The more you are open to guidance and support the more miracles can happen in your life. You can ask for whatever you need, there are no politically correct questions but it’s up to you to ask and when you do all of the universe will rush to help you.

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