Knowing Your Energy Body

your-energy-bodySurrounding your physical body you have an energy field called your auric body or your etheric field. This energy body surrounding you is like a big balloon or air bag that captures all the energy coming towards you during the day and sometimes emotes from you during the day. This is your personal environment and it can become polluted.

When your environment or auric field is clear you feel energetic, bright, charged, peaceful and lucid but if your auric field becomes polluted you might begin to feel agitated, irritable, fatigued or depressed.

The auric field will not only capture energy emoting from you it will also pick up energy around you. For example when you enter another person’s space you are not really reacting to their appearance you are reacting to their energy field.

People have different types of energy fields. For example, some may have a clear energy field making you feel safe so you want to be around them. While other people may have an energy field that is polluted, you feel drained and you want to get away from them like they’re taking something from you.

Some people may have an energy field that is static and when you are around them you feel nervous, irritated and frightened. Some people have an energy field that is very depressed, draining and low. When you are with them you often feel tired and want to go to sleep.

Some people have an energy field that is very generous and when you are around their energy field you feel inspired and creative. While other people have an energy field that is very dynamic and when you are around them you feel confident, liberated and energized.

We need to be conscious not only of the energy field of the people we are around but we also need to conscious of our own energy field. What do people experience when they are around you? We have to very conscious as to how we influence each other.

One of the necessary things about living a six sensory life is you have to check your energy field and try to be in the company of others who have a good energy field as often as you can. You need to find a spiritual family. For example, animals have a good energy field. People who are grounded, balanced and come from a place of unconditional love have good energy fields.

Often we are around environments that are very toxic, negative and aggressive and if you don’t protect yourself this energy will eventually affect your body. It may not be an option to quit your job or move out of your house to get away from negative energy so you have to keep your energy field clear.

You need to first become aware of your aura and then use the following techniques to clear it:

A good way to clear your aura is to take an Epsom salt bath. Epsom salt neutralizes energy and clears away toxic debris.  Another way to clear away toxic energy is take a shower and rinse the energy off. Another way is through aroma therapy with fragrances such as lavender, rose and chamomile.

Keeping the aura field clear begins with awareness. If you feel that you are being polluted by someone else’s energy it is best to get away from them. If for example you can’t because it’s a coworker or family member using some the techniques if have listed above will help keep your aura clean and positive and may help turn their negativity around.

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