How To Lay The Foundation To Manifest The Life You Want

Manifest what you want in lifeThe universe is willing to support you in creating what you desire if you bring your intention and imagination to whatever you want to manifest.

I have learned through my many years of study in the field of metaphysics that the Universe is comprised of energy in motion. The magic wand of manifesting is awareness. You have to know how to use your awareness and your energy in the direction in order to bring your dreams into reality.

Everything I have learned boils down to one thing, we are all spiritual beings and our purpose here on earth is to co-create with the universe. We can create whatever it is we want if we learn that the process of creativity is consistent, consecutive, and impartial.

It doesn’t matter what your background, age, or level of education is. What matters is that you understand the principles of manifestation and use them step by step, beginning to end.

We are indeed the creative architects of our lives. The universe is very generous and will meet us in the middle if we only do our part. I have used the principles of manifestation with great success myself and taught them to many other people over the years. Every time I use them or teach them, they seem to refine more and more. People may have the best intentions, but if they don’t complete the steps to actually manifest what they want it doesn’t happen.

Learning to create is one of the greatest purposes we have in life and your intention should be to make this creating a way of life. The more you manifest the easier, more comfortable, and natural it will be for you.

Most people fail to manifest what they want in life because they forget that they have a partner in this. They sit around waiting, praying, and do nothing waiting for the universe to do everything for them.

Co-creating with the universe is our purpose in life. When we learn how to create, we can save a lot of time and struggle. When we learn to do it intentionally, conscientiously with discipline, and with an open heart we can manifest amazing things for ourselves. Always remember that we do have a partner.

Start by knowing that you already have created and manifested many things in your life already. That should tell you that you have the ability to create. Think about what you have created. Go all the way back to your childhood as far as you can remember. Think about your successes, the things you have done that you have been excellent at. Things that have been wonderful, satisfying, exciting, and that surprised you. List them in your journal.

Start in your home; the fact that you have a home, you created it. Look at your relationships that work, you created those. Think about where you have traveled to, the schools you have attended, the experiences you’ve had, the jobs you’ve had, the clothes you are wearing. You created these things.
Think about your accomplishments. Everything in your life is a creation but more importantly, everything in your life is your creation. After you have successfully listed all of the things you have manifested write them down in your journal and say them out loud.

We tend to gravitate towards conversation that involves whining, complaining, and disappointment. It’s a cultural seduction to lulled into a dialogue of frustration and focusing on the things we think we can’t have. We can’t even dare to think about real happiness and satisfaction.

After you have made your list of accomplishments and said them out loud, think about something you really want to create and begin to put yourself in the state of mind that you are a creator. You’ve been creating your whole life it’s just you haven’t been creating what you really want. What in your heart is really tapping on you? What would really make you happy? What would make you smile? What would make you look forward to tomorrow?

If there were no obstacles in your way if there were no problems if there was nothing in your way, what would you really want to manifest?
If you can surround yourself with images and pictures the things you’ve created. Such as your family, your car, a new hairstyle, an outfit. By doing this you are programming your subconscious mind with the idea that you know how to do this.

The key here is to focus on the fact that you already are a creative being. What you are going to do is to improve upon and master what you already know. You have to believe you can create in order to succeed.

Change the channel and start manifesting through a dialogue of the idea, the feeling of being able to manifest so that creativity for you comes naturally and you are enjoying it. If the conversation starts to drift towards the negative pull it back. Start talking about the things that you have succeeded in creating that are satisfying and happy.

Once you have taken these initial steps, then you can start to bring your desires into focus. This is when the magic begins to happen.

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